Wow: Zac Efron’s Rehab Stint Was For A Heavy COKE Addiction!

Earlier this year, actor Zac Efron had a stint in rehab for what was reported to be alcohol abuse, but it turns out, it was for far worse: a serious cocaine addiction. Apparently the issue started becoming out of control when he was filming for Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors” back in April, and when he was a no-show for a few days, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.” He also was into Molly as well. Glad he’s healthy now, though!

NBA: Report…Knicks Players From The 80’s Fixed Games For Drug Dealers??

If this is true, this is crazy. According to a report, when the Knicks were a really bad team in the early 1980’s, it seems some of those losses might of had to do with players throwing games. A newly released book is offering some insight into the Knicks from the 1981-1982 season and the relationships with a few players and a certain cocaine dealer. Hit the jump for more.

UPDATE: Jay Z’s Late Bodyguard’s Drug Of Choice Is Revealed!!

By now you’ve heard the news regarding Norman Oosterbroek who was the bodyguard of stars such as: Lady Gaga, Nelson Mandela, Beyonce, and Jay Z. The 43-year-old man known as “The Dutch Giant” reportedly ingested an unknown drug seconds before he violently resisted arrest, leading to his untimely death. Authorities claim that he had been dealing with drug abuse for quite a long time and had been in and out of rehab for years. Hit the jump for the rest.

(Photo) Guy Passes Out When He Finds Out That He May Contracted HIV From The Women He Raped!

I’m almost speechless with this one! I can’t say that I feel bad, but then again…A man collapsed after finding out that after raping a woman, he may have contracted HIV from her. Hit the jump for more information!

Hell’s Kitchen Winner DOES WHAT?!

Want to know what Hell’s Kitchen’s Winner Ja’Nel Witt wasn’t allowed to accept the Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Vegas?! Click the jump to find out!!

They Moving Weight…Three Shampoo Bottles Filled With Cocaine Found WHERE?!

It’s just got real! Guatemalan courier Eric Eduardo Estacuy Juarez was traveling from Guatemala, and during his stop at Dulles International Airport, he was asked to go through a second examination. Boy, that was the wrong thing for him, since they found cocaine on him. If that isn’t bad enough, it’s WHERE they found it. Hit the jump to check it out.

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