NFL:(Video) Former Chicago Bears Player Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Charges!

Former Bears receiver Sam Hurd pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to buying cocaine & marijuana and trying to setup a distribution network. According to documents, Hurd who was initially arrested in Decemeber 2011 after buying a Kilo of cocaine from an undercover officer, reportedly wanted to setup his own network. He allegedly wanted to buy 10 kilos a week for $25,000 each. Two men who were linked to Hurd trying to buy the cocaine were also under arrest and prepared to testify against him if it went to trial. Hurd faces a minimum of 10 years when he goes to sentencing under current drug laws. His lawyer however vows to fight any stiff sentence against his client. I really have no sympathy for the dude though because at the time of his arrest, he had a contract with the Bears worth $5.15 million, so please tell me why your trying to get into the drug game? Check out the video of Hurd & his lawyer after the jump.

(Video) T.I. Distributed COCAINE Where ?!?!

I hope that this isn’t to glorify the fact that some rappers have done the whole “trapping” thing. The Warner Sound has created a new series called ‘My Method’, which has artists talking about the TRUE stories behind the lyrics in their music. For this installment, T.I. takes us back to his old stomping grounds where he sold crack/cocaine, while breaking down the lyrics to his song, “Wildside“. I can almost see the comments for this one. Drop down bottom, check out the video and let me know what you think.

(Video) Is Steven Tyler HIGH All The Time !?!? He Did Spend $6 Million!

When you spend the amount of money on COCAINE the way he did, you must be high. $6 MILLION down the drain, or shall I say up the nose. When asked by a TMZ cameraman if he could get all of that money back and re-invest in something such as real estate, would he, his response was somewhat ODD – to say the least. Drop down bottom and check it out.

(VIdeo) CRAZY!! Steven Tyler Spent $5 Million On What?!?!?!

The old saying goes, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, and Steven Tyler lived it. He embodied that motto for decades and recently opened up about his drug escapades during his career as the front man for Aerosmith on the Australian version of “60 Minutes”. Apparently Tyler spent over $5 Million dollars on Cocaine alone, “Probably, realistically, 5 or 6 [million], easy … You could also say I snorted half of Peru, but, you know, it’s what we did.” Hit the jump for more.

Whoa, Guess Who Said They Got Whitney Hooked On Crack!

It’s been almost a year now since Whitney Houston’s tragic passing, but her memory will live on forever. Her brother recently sat down with their mother Cissy Houston for an interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, and revealed that HE was the one that cut Whitney hooked on the drug that ultimately led to her downfall. So sad. Though his guilt is overwhelming, he explains, “You gotta understand at the time, the 80s, it was acceptable.” Watch the clip below. RIP, Whitney!

Jenni Rivera Was Doing Cocaine Before She Died !?!?

Even after death people throw shade on your name. Jenni Rivera was killed after her plane crashed last month. NOW, apparently Jenni was a regular performer for the Beltran Leyva cartel and while performing at some parties for the cartel she partook in some cocaine activities. Mind you this information came from an ANONYMOUS lawyer of the cartel says the Reforma, a Mexican Daily. This whole situation seems a little bit fishy to me. They need to dig real deep for the facts of this woman’s death. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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