NBA: Lamar Odom May Wind Up Facing Charges Over Alleged Cocaine Use At Brothel

Thankfully Lamar Odom appears to be recovering from his near death experience last week. Nobody was sure if he was going to make it but the prayers paid off. Unfortunately for Odom, his good news may soon turn bad again as he could now face charges for alleged drug use at the brothel in Nevada that led to his current situation.

Flavor Flav Charged With Cocaine Use & DUI

It looks like the money Flavor Flav plans to use to get Bobby Shmurda bailed out, he will need for himself. On July 16, Nevada state’s Clark County prosecutors charged the 56-year-old with multiple counts, including driving under the influence of cocaine, stemming from his May 2015 arrest. Find out more down bottom.

What A Shocker: Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black Is Having A HORRIBLE Time In Jail

A few months back, rapper Crunchy Black from Three 6 Mafia got bagged up by 5-0 for one of the most idiotic acts of crime known to man. When he was accused of trying to score some meth from an undercover cop in Vegas, he told the officer when getting arrested, “Oh damn, I was trying to buy that powder, not meth!” Shortly after, he was sentenced to 7 months in jail for basically being an idiot.

(Video) Police Bust Washington Heights Drug Gang Dealing Near Two Elementary Schools

Police report that they have taken down a pair of two drug rings that operated in Washington Heights. One of the rings operated as a phone delivery service for cocaine and heroine and the other was an open-air drug market. These operations ran practically right next door to other another and extremely close to two public schools.After a year and half of investigating police were finally able to take down the drug gangs leading to arrests of 35 people. More details after the jump.

NHL: Jarret Stoll Gets No Jail Time & No Probation After Cocaine Arrest!

L.A. Kings hockey star Jarret Stoll just cut a great deal in his Vegas cocaine case because the felony drug possession charge was dropped and he’ll do NO jail time.

$35 Million Of Cocaine Seized In Southern California

According to police, four men and two women were arrested after authorities conducted a massive drug bust in Santa Fe Springs and San Bernardino (southern California), seizing cocaine with a street value of more than $35 million.

(Photo) Grandma Finds Bag of Cocaine In Her Granola Bar

60 year old Cynthia Rodriguez said she found the small plastic bag at the bottom of the granola bar wrapper. The grandmother from Texas was completely shocked to find out that the little baggy covered in dollar signs was not part of a promotion but was actually a bag of cocaine!

(Photos) Attorney @jjrlaw_anthony Defends “The Strain” Actor Against Uptight Judge

Some times we ‘judge’ lawyers as sharks or those less caring, but in reality, when it comes time to face the law, they are actually our bestie’s!! Now when the defendant is someone in entertainment, it could go either way for them, so a lawyer is a must! In the case of “The Strain” actor Jack Kesy Vs the state over a Cocaine sting and the judge decides to be bitter and comment on Kesy’s acting status(which is not apart of the law and NOT something the judge should be doing), his lawyer, Anthony DiFiore, becomes his ‘defender’.

(Photo) Colombian Drug Dealers Deliver Cocaine To Supermarket

Colombia is most notoriously known for there cocaine.Being one of the largest suppliers of cocaine you would think they would have the whole cartel thing down. Thirteen German Aldi Supermarkets received over 12 million dollars worth of cocaine hidden in Banana shipments.Colombian drug dealers mistakenly delivered cocaine to the supermarkets.

(Photos) Man Busted at Airport for 30K Worth of Cocaine In His Sneakers

Everyone can’t be like Jay-Z, who had “a cousin in customs that get sh*t through…”—just ask the South American Man Busted at Airport for 30K Worth of Cocaine In His Sneakers (SMH). Among the pairs of illegal kicks were some fresh Nikes and Asics running shoes strategically but unsuccessfully secured for a trip he’ll have to miss. At the rate ‘transporters’ are trying to be more creative, airport security will only be getting worse (SMH)!!!

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