(Mugshot) NHL: Jarret Stoll Arrested Smuggling Cocaine & Molly in His Shorts Entering a Pool Party

NHL star Jarret Stoll tried to smuggle an 8-ball of cocaine and 8 grams of Molly into a Vegas pool party by hiding them in his board shorts.

Sports: Hockey Star Jarrett Stoll, Boyfriend Of ESPN’s Erin Andrews Arrested For Cocaine & Ecstasy

ESPN is already getting a lot of negative publicity this week after reporter Britt McHenry was caught on video being so disrespectful and disgusting towards a tow truck employee after her car was towed. They surely do not want another one of their reporters having their name come up in the same conversation with drugs, but it’s happening, although it has nothing to do with her. Erin Andrews boyfriend, hockey star Jarrett Stoll was arrested in Vegas after being in possession of cocaine and ecstasy at a party.

(Photos + Video) Rihanna Responds To Rumors She Was Sniffing Coke

We’ve all seen the video going around social media by now, appearing to show Rihanna getting friendly with that white girl. The video was questionable from the start, because it wasn’t clear what exactly Rih was doing, and was pretty likely she was simply rolling weed – as she’s known to love to do. Turns out, that’s the case, as Rih took to Instagram to put the rumors to rest with a video of what she was doing from a better angle, that shows she was basing a joint with a cigarette. She also has clapped back in comments on Instagram, particularly to user @1ezmoney (who called her the next Whitney – and who has since deleted his page after the Navy DRAGGED him,) and also threw on some Petty Wap ft. PettyNextDoor by posting an old photo of her drinking Coca-Cola. Check out the pics in the gallery and video below.

MLB: Josh Hamilton Suffered Relapse After Fight With Wife He Went to a Strip Club & Used Cocaine

Josh Hamilton has struggled with addiction for many years and failed numerous drug tests.  Though he was struggling on the field, Hamilton seemed to be dealing with his addiction until he suffered a relapse that could now greatly affect his career (well mostly how much he’ll get paid) and if he leaves the game for a significant period of time.  Details of how he suffered this relapse are now coming to light.

NFL: Las Vegas VIP Host Claims Rob Gronkowski Was Doing Cocaine In His Club, Then Changes Story

A Vegas party promoter needs to realize you can’t just tweet things because you feel like it. There could be repercussions or in this case, you actually bring negative light on someone else! Jay Farber, a VIP host in Sin City tweeted that Rob Gronkowski was partying hard at his club, and the partying included some cocaine! He also said he had video, but to be fair he never said he had video of Gronk doing blow, just of partying and acting crazy. Gossip sports blogger Terez Owens asked him about the video because if the words athlete, cocaine and video are in the same sentence it is going to draw attention.

(Video) UFC: Jon Jones Opens Up About Cocaine Use, Says He’s Not an Addict or Frequent User

UFC champion Jon Jones is finally speaking out about his positive cocaine test saying he’s NOT a cocaine addict or even a frequent user but admits he made a “really dumb decision” and “got caught with his pants down”.

#DJFunkFlexApp New Music: Young Scooter – Cocaina

Young Scooter is back with a new joint entitled “Cocaina”. Take a listen after the jump!

(Photos) Man Caught at JFK Smuggling Kilo of Cocaine In A Diaper

“You know something about cocaine???…digame!?!” (Sorry)..In another unusual and head shaking FAIL this holiday season, a Man Caught at JFK Smuggling Kilo of Cocaine In A Diaper. This is actually not* the first failed attempt to smuggle cocaine through JFK International airport but mos def a first for the diaper. Points for originality?

Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine To Body Build

Riff Raff Gives Up Cocaine, Eccentric rapper and Ex reality TV star from Vh1’s show titles “from G’s To Gents ”  Riff Raff , is making a lifestyle change for the new year . The mad decent artist known as Riff Raff has been rapping about drugs like molly, cocaine and the abuse of alcohol for the majority if not his entire career. According to TMZ, and tweets from Riff Raff himself, Riff Raff has chosen to give up the crazy fast life to go for the sober living  drug free lifestyle . TMZ is has reported that Riff Raff went completely sober a few months ago after he got so wasted the night before a celebrity basketball game for charity that he wasn’t even sober enough to even tip toe in his Jordan’s, let alone play a full court game against his hip hop celebrity peers.

Man Tried To Smuggle Cocaine Inside Two Dogs

A Mexican man by the name of Giussepe Tombolan tried to smuggle drugs into Peru using two St.Bernard Dogs. The man was trying to smuggle 2.9 Kilos of cocaine into Peru inside the bellies of two dogs. One of the dogs actually ended up dying. The police Veterinarians which (which I didn’t know existed, police vets who knew) any how, they removed drug bags from a male dog named Bombon and a female dog named Lola. The poor dogs suffered so much from this drug intake. They have an infection inside their stomachs and severe fever and vomiting. The Peruvian police are claiming this is the first anyone has tried to smuggle drugs through dogs. The male dog was the one that died. You’ll never even guess how old this man was who tried to smuggle drugs?!?! Read on to find out..

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