(Photo) MLB: ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Threatened, Pulled Off Air After Racist Remarks About Dominican Players

Colin Cowherd was already leaving ESPN by the end of the year but they decided to send him on his way sooner. Cowherd struck a deal to work for Fox Sports but still had the rest of his ESPN contract to finish. He won’t have to worry about that now after the network pulled him off air for his remarks about Dominican baseball players. Cowherd better hope his apology seems sincere because he was already threatened by one player.

NBA: Colin Cowherd Rips Rick Bozich & John Wall

Colin Cowherd better stop playing. I have to say John Wall is one of the nicest athletes that I’ve met. Colin has had beef with Wall for a while & better leave him alone. Check out what he had to say now…

(Video) UFC Brock Lesnar plays an early April Fools prank on Colin Cowherd

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl – This is pretty funny. Deny Deny Deny.  I know I wouldn’t mess with Brock Lesnar!  Check it out after the jump…

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