(Videos): Watch Amazing Half Court Shot By College Guard And See Which NBA Player Did It First!

Half court shots are always cool, especially when they are successful. Recently, college ballers across the nation have been making videos of trick half-court shot attempts. While the options are extremely limited, Gabriel Snider of the University of Illinois at Chicago just set the bar pretty high. Watch the video, below!

(Photos) Sports: Drake Coughs Up $6K Stacks After Losing Wager To Game

Looks like the young 6 god was forced to take an L after his team lost in the Final Four. Though the Toronto rapper doesn’t seem to take too many of those of late, he definitely had to take a minor loss when the bottom fell out for his team and destroyed his bracket. Well Game and Drake placed a friendly wager on a college ball game, which resorted in Drizzy losing $6K stacks?? Yup, see why inside.

(Photos) NCAA: Fires, Riots & More Break Out On Campus Of University Of Kentucky After Final Four Loss

Goodbye perfect record, hello drunk and angry college kids with nothing better to do than start fires and damage property. After the Kentucky Wildcats lost to Wisconsin 71-64 in the Final Four, ending the Wildcats perfect season, students back on campus in Lexington, Kentucky took to the streets to cause a ruckus for no reason. I will never understand what is the purpose of starting fires and damaging other peoples cars and fighting amongst each other because the team lost. Most pictures show cops standing by watching but not really doing much. What’s messed up about situations like this is if it was happening in another part of the country the people “rioting” and starting fires would be called “thugs” or worse. But since this is Kentucky they will just chalk it up to drunk college kids having a good time. Check the gallery!

(Video) Sports: College Basketball Coach Fired After He Drunkenly Slapped A Woman’s Butt!

Chris Jans finds himself on the unemployment line today after video surfaced of him at a bar looking pretty wasted and slapping a woman on her butt! That is typically not the conduct you want to see from your college basketball coach, and Bowling Green University agreed. Jans was let go based on the premise that he did not fulfill his obligations as head coach. Before you go thinking nobody should care if the woman herself was fine with it, keep in mind Jans is married with two children and when he is in public or anywhere for that matter, he is representing the school and it was within their right. Not too mention there were reports of Jans grabbing a different woman by the head and shoving it towards his crotch.

(Photos) NCAA: Why The New Fashionable College Jerseys Are Actually Causing Problems

There’s a saying in sports: “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” With the uniforms being worn by some NCAA teams these days, you can’t tell the players even with a scorecard. The problem is so prevalent that Ira Thor, sports information director at Division III New Jersey City University, created a slideshow presentation that has been circulated nationally. The presentation includes photo galleries of difficult-to-read jerseys in 10 NCAA sports from all divisions.

NCAA: Jim Boeheim & Syracuse Have To Forfeit Wins, Lose Scholarships, Face Probation After Ruling

The long anticipated report from the NCAA on the Syracuse basketball program was released today and it is not good for the orange or coach Jim Boeheim. The committee decided the school must forfeit wins, lose scholarships the next few years, and be on probation. In addition coach Boeheim will be suspended for the first 9 conference games next year. Cuse did get some good news however when they were not banned from post season play except for the ban they gave themselves for this season. This will make recruiting much easier as they don’t have to worry about top high school kids shunning them because of a ban.

NCAA: Former Louisville Star Chris Jones Arrested, Charged With Rape & Sodomy

Former Louisville Cardinals guard Chris Jones has been charged with raping one woman and sodomizing another and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported Thursday morning. According to the Courier-Journal, one of Jones’ alleged victims was a 19-year-old woman and the other was 20.

(Video) NCAA: College Coach Curses Out Player & Tells Him He Will Kill Him After Post Game Incident

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings has apologized for a postgame incident Thursday night in which he was caught on camera berating his player Wade Baldwin IV profanely, at one point saying, “I’m going to f—ing kill you.” Stallings said “he did not mean his words literally” when confronting Baldwin, who had taunted a Tennessee player in the postgame handshake line. Based on his choice of words, I am not sure his apology is going to end this story.

(Video) NCAA: Well Damn! LSU’s Jarell Martin Has A Dunk Contest Style Throw Down During A Game

Say hello to Jarell Martin. If you never heard of him today don’t worry, he will probably be on Sportscenter and every other sports highlight show the next couple days after this dunk in a game against Florida. Dunk Contest for the most part have become boring and we always wish we could see these players throw down something crazy during a real game. Well Jarell must have thought the same thing and went between the legs with ease for the dunk on a fast break. LSU won the game as well so it was even better.

NBA: Michael Jordan Releases Statement On The Passing Of Dean Smith

Early this morning college basketball fans heard they lost a legend in former North Carolina coach, Dean Smith. When someone like him, who affected the lives of so many NBA players of past and even present passes, you would expect to hear responses from alot of people.

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