(Video) NCAAF: LOL, Was This Alabama Fan Caught Cheating By Television Cameras?

Social media has been going on on this woman, who appeared to be very frightened when cameras put her on the jumbo screen and on your TV screen last night during the Sugar Bowl. As Ohio State fans were going crazy behind her, the woman appeared to be consoling her “date” as the two of them are Alabama fans. But when she realized she was on camera she very smoothly but quickly moved her hand and self away from the guy and tried to act like it never happened. I wonder who she was afraid might be watching?

(Video) NCAAF: The Hit Heard Round The World! Baylor Kicker Gets Knocked Out, Video Goes Viral

This devastating block that was delivered to Baylor kicker Chris Callahan is already a nominee for hit of the year and it just started! Callahan was absolutely destroyed by a Michigan State player after he had his field goal attempt blocked during yesterday’s Cotton Bowl. The ball fell into the hands of a Michigan State player and Callahan “tried” to tackle him. What happened next will be remembered for a long time to come.

(Video) NCAAF: Oregon Players Troll Jameis Winston With “No Means No” Chant After They Destroy Florida State

This was a low class move by a bunch of Oregon players and you can believe they will face some discipline for it. After the Ducks gave Florida State a beatdown they will remember forever, winning 59-20, some Oregon players decided to remind Jameis Winston about his rape accusations and turned the famous Florida State “Seminole Chop” into a new theme song. The ironic thing here is Oregon’s own athletic department is not without rape claims as a woman said she was raped by players from the school’s basketball team.

NCAA: College Running Back Murdered During Home Invasion

This is a terrible story about a college football player just home for the Christmas break. Howard University running back Terrence Tusan, was shot and killed during a home invasion in Denton, Texas.

(Video) NCAA: Sports Fans, This Is The Craziest Touchdown You Will Ever See!

Let me set this up for the readers who missed this game or who just aren’t big sports fans. The Popeyes Bahamas bowl is a not so important bowl game, but it still gives the kids something to play for. Central Michigan was down 48-14 to Western Kentucky at the start of the fourth quarter. What happened over the final 15 minutes is absolutely amazing, ending in one of the most, if not the most incredible touchdown play you will ever see!

NCAA: This Is Not Good! Disturbing Allegations Of Jameis Winston Point Shaving At Florida State

Regardless of the reason, Jameis Winston just can’t seem to stay out of the news, and in the eyes of future bosses in the NFL, that is definitely not a good thing. Allegations of rape still hang over his head and at the moment that situation doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. He has had other issues at the school that were more minor but this new allegation is serious enough to ruin his future and land him in prison.

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