(Video) NFL: Colts Punter Pat McAfee Fools The Steelers With A Fake Punt Then Does The McGregor Walk

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee made one of the biggest plays of his life in the NFL last night and he wasn’t shy about letting the Pittsburgh Steelers know about it. The colts were ready to punt after the Steelers defense shut them down. McAfee took the snap and looked like he was taking a long time to punt the ball and then we found out why. He faked the punt and connected downfield with the tight end for a 21 yard play that resulted in a first down for the Colts. He then unleashed his inner Conor McGregor.

(Video) NFL: Colts Announce They Are Retiring Peyton Manning’s Jersey & Building A Statue Of Him

Colts owner Jim Irsay held a press conference with Peyton Manning earlier today, where he revealed the Colts plans to not only retire Manning’s number 18 jersey but to also construct a statue of Manning outside of Lucas Oil Field. Considering what Peyton did for the franchise and the city of Indianapolis as a whole, it’s only right they recognize his legacy in this way.

(NFL) Indianapolis Colts Owner Buys Ringo Starr’s Drum Kit For How Much Now?!

The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr has sold one of his infamously famous drum kit’s – known for being used to bring some of the world’s top music hits into existence. It sold at an auction for a nice chunk of change to the NFL’S Indianapolis Colts owner and was auctioned for more than JFK’s license plates by a long shot. Hit the jump for the full story.

NFL: Texas A&M University Files Lawsuit Against Indianapolis Colts & Owner Jim Irsay

Texas A&M University had a trademark on the “12th man” phrase and they are serious about protecting that. They are now taking the Indianapolis Colts and their owner, Jim Irsay, to court for constantly ignoring the trademark the school has and using the “12th man” phrase for years with their own fans.

(Video) NBA: Paul George Delivers Start Flag At Indy 500!

Paul George, who is still recovering from a calf injury he suffered in one of the final games of this past season, joined Colts Punter, Pat McAfee, in delivering the green flag that indicates the Indy 500 has started. Click more to check out the full story!

NFL: Crazy! Colts Erik Walden & His Female Friend Are Attacked & Slashed By His Baby Mama

This truly is a crazy story and I am sure Erik Walden’s “lady friend” might think twice about hanging out with him again. Walden, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts, and his female companion were both attacked by surprise by Walden’s baby mother not once, but twice. The attacks led to Walden and his friend being injured and his baby mama, Erica Palmer trying to hide in a hotel.

NFL: SMH, Cops Arrest Group Who Made Thousands Of Dollars From Selling Fake Patriots Playoff Tickets

Damn, funny thing is if they weren’t greedy they may of gotten away with it. A trio of young men from New York are sitting in jail tonight in the Boston area after getting caught selling fake playoff tickets to this weekends AFC championship game between the Patriots and Colts. A fan called police after he bought a few tickets and just felt something was off.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts LB Josh McNary Charged With Rape & Team Issues Statement

Just days after defeating the Broncos to advance to the AFC Championship, Josh McNary was charged with several violent crimes including rape. The Indianapolis Colts issued a statement. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) NFL: LMAO, He Was Twisted!! Footage Of Colts Owner Jim Irsay’s Arrest For DUI

Jim Irsay was F****d up!! Footage of the night the Colts owner was arrested for DUI was made public and there is no doubt he was in another world. It might look funny but he seriously could of did some damage that night if he was never pulled over. Besides being well over the legal limit, cops say Irsay had multiple painkillers in his his system, including oxycodone and hydrocodone. He was fined $500,000 by the NFL and suspended six weeks to start this season besides being sentenced to one year probation from the judge. It is clear from the video though he was feeling real nice that night.

(PHOTO) Sports: Again?! Goodness!!! Floyd Mayweather Wins HUGE By Betting on Andrew Luck

Yep, Floyd Mayweather is back to showing off how much money he’s winning by betting on games — and he recently won BIG!!  He took to Twitter/Instagram tonight to show off a betting slip (from 2 weeks ago) & he won over a million dollars!  Yea, cause that’s just what the champ needs — pocket change. Lol. Check it out…

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