(Video) Hillary Clinton Addresses Racism In The U.S

Hillary Clinton took the podium at Columbia University and said the words that thousands of Americans think everyday, “We have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in America.” She opened up the can of worms that is racial tension in America in attempts to allow people of all colors to realize that something just isn’t right in America. Is it the current climate of racial injustice that caused Hilary to speak out or is she siding with minorities as a part of her covert operation to get the “Black vote”. Find out after the jump.

Surveillance Video Helps In Arrest Of Man Who Killed 3 Near Columbia University

Earlier this month, three people were killed just outside of Columbia University in NY. Now, police have arrested Roberto Nunez and have surveillance cameras to thank for helping solve the case. More details after the jump. Gernique N

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