The Walking Dead Season 6 What’s Next For Rick, The Alexandrians And The Wolves?

The Walking Dead ended season 5 in pure mayhem. Well one of the shows producers just did an interview giving you a peak into Season 6! Scott M. Gimple talked to Entertainment Weekly and dropped a few Walking Dead jems on us, including the fact that we may see things that are referenced as past events in the comic book the show is based. Hit the Jump for the few details!

(Photos+Video) Marvel Releases Fake News Report Promo For ‘Ant-Man’

A fake news report from “News Front with Christine Everhart“, a journalist played by Leslie Bibb who was in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, posted the fake story online Thursday, linking Marvel’s Ant-Man, to it’s Marvel universe. To watch the video hit the jump!

Guess Who’s The New Human Torch In ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot!

Michael B. Jordan’s career continues to take off, as he has been to play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, in the reboot of “Fantastic Four.”

(Video+Photos) Sexy Girls, Stan Lee, & The Hip Hop Gamer At ComicConNY 2013!!!!

Ok, the girls were sexy(like Coco), but let me tell you whole story! I actually forgot ComicCon was gonna be in NY last weekend, so the week before when I realized, I asked my guy Lin, and Loud Digital producer Michelle if they had a connect. Michelle immediately thought of Liz(EP for the Hip Hop Gamer), and Liz came through! So my Son(Jaden) and I went down there on Sunday and it was on!!

Tech Talk News: New Spiderman Costume-And Skin Color!

Spiderman is back as a black and latin-mixed young man. Crime comes in all forms, and now it will be beaten by a new one! Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

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