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NBA: Carmelo Says He Doesn’t Care About Money & How He Almost Went To Chicago


Carmelo wants people to know he doesn’t care about money at this point, despite staying with a bad Knicks team for much more money. While speaking with reporters, he also let it be known how close he was to really signing with the Bulls and leaving NYC in his rear view. In the end it was his belief in the team and faith in Phil Jackson and what he can do that brought him back. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Usher Comments On Bobby Womack’s Death!


The legendary soul singer Bobby Womack tragically passed away in his sleep on Friday (June 28th) at the age of 70. Having inspired plenty of today’s R&B’s favorite artists, Usher told Miss.Info the impact the late singer had on him growing up. Check out what he had to say after the jump!

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Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Goes Off On Instagramer Who Tries To Call Her a Gold-Digger!

Kevin Hart & Eniko

Kevin Hart’s girlfriend Eniko didn’t take too kindly to some commenters on Instagram insinuating that she needs Kevin Hart to do everything for her. The girlfriend apparently posted a picture of a dog and wrote ”OMG- I’m so mad I didn’t get to meet him today. Like for real I need that dog babe. Make that happen! ugh! #imobsessed #doggyLover,” which triggered some fans to call her a gold digger. Check out how she went off on one person after she’d had enough, in the gallery.


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Ice Cube Weighs In On Jonah Hill’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Slur & Says?!

who will play ice cube in nwa biopic

After Jonah Hill lashed out on a camera man, who was reportedly stalking and taunting him the full day, by yelling an ‘anti-gay’ slur at the paparazzi Ice Cube has come to the defense of the ’22 Jump Street’ actor. Ice cube has taken to HuffPost Live to remind everyone that we all “say something very stupid, every now and then’. Check out his full response below.

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(Video) NBA: Donald Sterling’s Wife Courtside at Game 3 & Issues A Statement

IFWT_Sterling wife 1

Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly Sterling, was courtside at Game 4 between the Clippers & Warriors.  She was wearing all black and issued a statement about her husband’s racist comments.

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(Video) These Facebook Comments Will Make You LOL!!


Does this prove FB is still worth going to? IDK, you tell me!

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LOL! Derek J Goes OFF Over Comment Made About WHAT?!


By now it’s been established that even the most innocent of images on Instagram can bring out the troll in faithful followers and no one knows that better than Bravo TV’s Derek J right now. You remember Derek, the Atlanta hairdresser who’s everyone’s favorite BFF on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta? Well he recently went on a 4 page RANT about a comment made by a fan……and it was so over the top and FABULOUS!! See more after the jump….

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NFL: Tiki Barber Calls Out Warren Sapp For Michael Strahan Comments

IFWT_Sapp Strahan  2

At one point I used to love Tiki Barber, but then all that intern stuff happened and lost all respect for the man. Since then I pretty much haven’t co-signed anything Tiki has done or said … until now.  Warren Sapp better stop it!  We got Strahan’s back!
Check out what Warren said about Michael Strahan last week and what Tiki had to say about it yesterday….

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Kim Kardashian Gives Her First Post-Birth Comments

Kim & Kanye

Kim Kardashian has been very quiet with the media and tending to her newborn after giving birth on Saturday morning, but she finally gave an itty bit of commentary…in the form of an email to Ryan Seacrest. When Ryan reached out to his friend Kim via email to congratulate her, she quickly replied, and her response was read on Ryan’s radio show this morning. “Cant believe it! It’s so crazy!” was Kim’s “statement” of sorts. She’s a woman of many words.

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Say What?? Sarah Palin On Syria: ´Let Allah Sort It Out´


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin criticized the Obama administration’s decision to supply weapons to the rebels in the civil war in Syria today, arguing that the U.S. should “Let Allah sort it out” until there is a stronger leader in the White House. Hit the jump to read her quote.

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