(Photos) Physical 5.5″ iPhone 6 Mockup Seen For The 1st Time!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard that there are 2 new iPhones coming this fall, But most of the leaks, renders, and mock-ups have been for the reported 4.7″ model, Not this time though, this time a dummy Mock-up of the 5.5″ model has been produced, and compared directly to the 4.7″ model so we can see what we’re dealing with!!

(Photo/Video) Physical iPhone 6 Mock Up Compared To Galaxy S5!!!

There’s a whole bunch ‘in hand’ content, but the follow through is this comparison content, so check it out!

(Video) Nice!! Case Leak Prove iPhone 6 Will Be iPod Thin?!

These cases leaked last week, but today someone went ahead and put an iPod in there and besides the height and width difference, the depth is definitely close!!

(PHOTO) LMAO! Ok, Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Michael Jackson?!

Justin Justin JUSTIN! LOL, I think Justin is a young kid, who wants to enjoy himself and have fun, but…if The Biebs were to have received even half of the a** whoopings that Michael Jackson endured, then maybe, JUST MAYBE he wouldn’t be doing half the s**t that he knows would get his mug plastered all over the news. Just chill out a bit! Check out Justin, after the jump as he compares himself to the greatest to ever do it!

Boxing: Uhhh, What?! R. Kelly Compares Chris Brown To Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. & Jesus

FOH!  What in the world in R. Kelly talking about?!  Can somebody please go & check on this guy???  He may have had a tad too much.  SMH.  I know he was trying to make a point, but this was a horrible comparison. While I have lots of love for Chris Brown, you can NOT compare him (or Kells) to the things Muhammad Ali & Martin Luther King Jr. have done & accomplished — oh and let’s not forget JESUS.  Huh?! Nah famo. Check out his quote & let us know what you think…

NBA: Magic Johnson Gives Kobe Bryant A Huge Compliment

I am BEYOND tired of the Michael Jordan comparison debate, but I know it’s something people just LOVE to do.  SMH. Anywaysssss, on to the story.  Magic Johnson paid Kobe Bryant a huge compliment.  Check out what he said & let us know what you think.  I’m sure LeBron fans are going to have something to say…

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