(Video) Woman Left Rare $200,000 Apple Computer At Recycle Center

A California recycling company is reportedly looking for the mystery woman who donated one of the most coveted items in computer history.

(Photos) Yikes Starbucks Close Down Because Of Computer Glitch!

Uh oh this may be troubling news for you caramel macchiato addicts out there. Yesterday night the Starbucks computers in North America and Canada malfunctioned and stopped working. Customers went into Starbucks yesterday only to be turned away or at some locations given free coffee. Some of the coffee shops were closing early and as the day progressed started accepting cash only. See what Starbucks spokesman had to say and how they fixed the glitch after the jump!

The Government Is Investigating Why Your Netflix Is So Slow

The most annoying feeling is when your having a “Orange Is The New Black” marathon and then keep getting interrupted with Netflix buffering. Well if you were wondering who is responsible for this , the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now on a mission to figure this out.

WOW!!! This Vintage Apple Computer Sold For HOW MUCH??

One of Apple’s first computers, Apple 1, was auctioned off this week for $668,000. The computer auctioned was a functioning 1976 model which the tech company’s founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak reportedly built in a garage.

Gesture Control Coming To HP Computers

Leap Motion’s controls will be built into some of HP computers starting this summer. HP and Leap Motion announced this week that two will be partnering up and will release first set of gesture controlled PCs in May.

(Photo) Whoa!! Frank Ocean Lights Expensive Possession On Fire!?!?

I guess this is what happens when you have money to burn… you literally light your expensive possessions on fire. Frank Ocean lit something crazy on fire, that most people save a long time for. Hit the jump to find out what. Melissa

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