(Video) Ne-Yo Goes Toe To Toe With Conceited On Wild’N Out

On the latest episode of MTV’s Wild’N Out, R&B crooner Ne-Yo makes a special appearance and practices his hiking skills against his opponents. He and Conceited went toe-to-toe for an intense battle of words, but he stood his ground and handled it like a G! Get into the video clip from the show below to see who took the crown, Ne-Yo or Conceited.

IFWT Exclusive: Wild ‘N’ Out’s Conceited Talks Kicks, Best Moment of Season 5, Fashion Influences & More

MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out made a big comeback to television leading the TV show to be the highest rated series in network history. Season 6 of Wild ‘N’ Out is said to be that much more bigger, one of the newest cast members Conceited known from his battle rap days; got a chance to chat with me on how Nick Cannon found out about him, fashion, battle rap, kicks, funniest moment of season 5 & much more. Note: Conceited drops a small freestyle at the end of the interview. So stay tuned and check out the exclusive audio of the interview. Wild “N” Out Season 6 airing this summer!

Battle Rap: Tsu Surf Vs. Conceited

Even though all the battles from Smack/URL’s Armageddon weren’t able to happen. They still amanged to get the headline recorded. Many have been anticipating this battle between Tsu Surf anf Conceited. So here we are on Christmas and here is a good present to the battle world. Click below to watch the battle. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Conceited And DNA Reveal The Best Punchlines Used Against Them

As I patiently wait for this Conceited Vs. Tsu Surf battle to hit the net. I give y’all this video of Conceited and DnNa talking about their experiences int he ring. They both let us know what were the hardest bars ever delivered to them. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Conceited And DNA Name The Top Battles Of 2012

Want something to debate with your friends? Well, here it is Conceited and DNA name the battles of 2012 that they felt were the best. Click below to see the vid. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Tsu Surf Says Conceited Is Dead, Brings The Best Out Of Opponents, T-Rex & More

Tsu Surf took to his Twitter to confirm that he will be battling Conceited on DEcember 9th in NYC. True Strories Radio caught up with Tsu Surf to discuss what has been going on. While there he spoke about various things like his upcoming battle with Conceited, his past opponents and more. Click below to see the video. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Conceited Vs. T-Rex

Lets all take a flash back to a battle between Conceited and T-Rex. Flex threw out $10,000 for battle rappers to step up for an event that he has planned for February 12th. Click below to check out this battle. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Funk Flex’s 50 Favorite Battles

“I see a lot of talking on twitter” were the words of Flex to me. I was like “Who?” He said “I see Dizaster and Mook exchanging words, I jumped in real quick” as to let them know their back and forth jabs are not going unnoticed. Then we found ourselves watching some classic battles and many recent ones(S/O to SMACK & the URL spent many days on their Youtube page, along with some from KOTD, Grindtime, Fight Klub). This became a re-occuring thing, daily battles were being talked about and watched on the net. When I say everyday I mean everyday. To the point that it was like “Yo, I got a site and I want to put a list together” I’m like “copy cool.” Which brings us here, this is not a top 50 in order, it’s a list of battles that were watched. With the explosion of Battle Rap after Canibus Vs. Dizaster and Loaded Lux Vs. Calicoe, we seemed to have battles on the forefront of other things. This is his list (your opinion doesn’t matter as to who was missed on the list and why he chose who he chose) and be clear that it is subject to change (more battles are being watched as I write this). Some dudes will get cut off the list and the list will be updated. I’m sure you will enjoy watching…

Cortez vs Conceited

Cortez vs Conceited

Goodz Vs. Conceited

Goodz Vs. Conceited

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