#MusicStillMatters New Music: Boston George & Cool Ft. Young Jeezy & Young Thug – F#$k Da Summer Up

The first days of Summer are here so that of course means the Summer anthems are coming in full force. This time around we get one from Boston George & Cool featuring the Atlanta powerhouses of Young Jeezy & Young Thug. Listen to “F#$k Da Summer Up” by downloading that Funk Flex app for iOS & Android systems for free below.

(Video) 15 Inventions You Really Might Want!

At 1st I saw this and was like ‘yeah right’, then I really looked at it and was like ‘wait, I could use that’. Like the pic above, a door handle that let’s you see a fisheye view of what’s waiting for you in the next room, simple but really dope!

JBL Clip Is A New Portable Wireless Speaker

JBL has a new speaker option for you music lovers. The JBL Clip features a built-in carabiner clip so you can attach it to almost anywhere. The clip is rechargeable, and will provide five hours of tunes when fully charged, it also has built in bluetooth, hurray for streaming. It comes in four colors and you can buy it at the JBL’s online store.

(Video) Check Out Some Of The Coolest Robots #CES2014 Had To Offer!!!

Ok, I am just getting back into the fold after seeing all the great and innovative things at #CES2014, and there were plenty, but one of the funnest things I ran into throughout the entire CES was the diff variety of Robots! From Funny, to useful, to service, there was a robot around every corner!

(Video) Could BatDad Be The Best Dad Ever?!

BatDad is technically a Vine creation. He might have hit IG a couple of times, but definitely has been in many Vine comps, so that’s where I know him from. When you hit the jump and see a bunch of his adventures together you realize, his kids LOVE it!!

(*18+*Video*) Twerk, Twerk And MORE Twerkin On Vine!!!

Twerk push ups….Twerk up?? These chicks are really into this twerkin, and Us guys be letting em!! Drop down and see a Vine compilation that was put together for you viewing pleasure!

Mix-N-Mash: @Mgreaze x @MrKlapton x Stay Cool,Calm & Melo T-Shirt @NJDrive

Our friends over at NJDrive put together this exclusive tee. To go with some of your favorite Kicks. So Stay Cool,Calm & Melo and hit the jump. Find out how to get your hands on these…….

(Video) Is This Real Or Fake Magician Pulls Money Out Of iPhone!!!

This was pretty cool, I don’t know what to make of this, of course it’s just trickery but Magic is always cool this guy does some pretty impressive tricks too. Check it out. Tat Wza

Funny Video: Cat Defends Its Self Jedi Style Against 2 Dogs!!!

There are a lot of corny to kinda Cool Cat Videos on the Web, But This Is SOOO Clean….At least to a Geek Like Me, But hit the Jump and let me know what you think?? Tat Wza

(Photos) Nine Of The Coolest Bars In The World!

Who wouldn’t want to go to a bar to enjoy unique drinks and a  unique setting? These are some of the world’s most interesting bars, too bad none of them are located here in the U.S.! Hit the jump . Steph Bassanini

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