(Video) Baton Rouge Cop Killer Says 10 Days Before Shooting: “My Heart Is Pure”

The man who 3 lives in Baton Rouge this past weekend, Gavin Long, made a video 10 days before the deadly shooting and stated some pretty questioning things. One of which being “my heart is pure”. What happened in between?

(Photos) Sports: Marcus Vick Says Soon People Will Be in Cop Killer, Kill a Cracker Mode

After the Michael Brown ruling and now the cop that killed Eric Garner going free, tensions are extremely high.  The Michael Brown case was bad enough because he was unarmed but the Eric Garner case resonated even more because it was caught on tape.  Garner expressed frustration over the cops continued harassment, he asked to be left alone, he then put his hands up and grasped for air while letting out his now infamous last words “I can’t breathe”.  The decision to let the chokehold officer Daniel Pantaleo go happened on the same day the NYPD debuted their new body cams, it has people saying “what’s the point?”  That’s the feelings Marcus Vick (brother of Mike Vick) expressed through his Twitter account but the wording was not ideal.

(Video) Ice-T Performs “Cop Killer” With Body Count For Old Times Sake

Ice-T reunited with his old metal band Body Count to perform their most controversial track “Cop Killer.” The anthem of “getting even” with the injustice of police brutality which came out in 1992 caused major backlash all over the country. Ironically enough, the “Cop Killer” singer now plays a cop every day in “Law & Order: SVU” but that didn’t stop him from screaming a big, “F*CK THE POLICE!” to all of Gramercy Theatre yesterday night. Watch the performance after the jump!

(Video) Jesus Take The Wheel! Juvenile Laughs While Receiving 2nd Life Sentence!

Nicholas Lindsey, who was charged for killing a police officer, received his 1st life sentence last year. Afterwards, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life in prison with out parole. Recently, Lindsey had his another hearing and was sentenced for a second time to life in prison. To see news coverage of the trial, click below.

(Photos) Cop Killer Ronell Wilson’s Petition For WHAT Gets Denied By Judge?!

Cop killer Ronell Wilson started a petition to see his son, whom he fathered with a prison guard while incarcerated in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. Suffolk County Family Court Judge David Freundlich denied Wilson’s petition, reasoning it was started while he was imprisoned and therefore makes him “civilly dead.” The convicted killer plead for rights on how his 6 month old Justus, who is currently in foster care, would be raised and so that his family would also have rights. His son’s mother, former prison guard Nancy Gonzalez also challenged the petition. To read more, click below.

Uh Huh! Prison Guard Facing 15 Years Behind Bars Because Of Doing WHAT?!

Now ain’t this just NASTY! The ex-prison guard knocked up in the stir by cop killer Ronell Wilson is going to be a convicted felon, just like her baby’s daddy. Nancy Gonzalez, 29, is scheduled to plead guilty Monday to a federal indictment charging her with having sex with Wilson at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn when she was supposed to be guarding him. Looks like her jail bird boo talked her right up out them panties….SMH Read more after the jump….

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