(Video) Sports: Eww! ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Loses Bet — Has To Milk A Cow & It Sh*ts at The Same Time

Hilarious, yet gross!!  ESPN’s Mike Greenberg gets pooped on by a cow while milking its udder as part of Mike & Mike’s 2014 NCAA tournament bracket wager payoff. Mike Golic couldn’t be happier. Lol. Check it out…

Ground Beef Laced With LSD

Just a few weeks ago 9 millions pounds of ground beef was recalled, now we have ground beef tainted with LSD!? A pregnant woman and her family became sick after eating the ground beef laced with the hallucinogenic. Read more about this after the jump.

(News) 9 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Processed With Diseased Cows !

If you live in Cali, Chicago, Texas and Florida you might want to check your ground beef. Theres report of a feeding corporation in California produced ground beef with diseased cows ! Maybe this vegan lifestyle is the way to go ? Read more about how this meat made it to stores after the jump.

(Photo) WTF!?! Check Out This Cow’s Extra Hoof!!

An Indian cow has recently become an internet sensation. First of all, the cow has an extra hoof dangling from its neck, which many believe carries superpowers. According to reports, Pregnant women are paying a farmer to let them touch his five-legged cow’s extra hoof so they will give birth to a boy. Check out the cow after the jump.

NBA: WTH?! Lakers Teammates Chris Kaman & Robert Sacre Bought a Cow — Find Out Why!

What the hell is wrong with these guys?!  Orrrrrrrr are they just smart???  I could never do this because I would want the cow as a pet. Lol. Lakers Big Men Robert Sacre & Chris Kaman bought a cow together and guess what they plan on doing with it?!  Isn’t there an easier way?! Details after the jump…

FOOD: Horsemeat Found In The Beef At Taco Bell!

With horse meat turning up in so many different food chains and supermarkets lately, it makes me think twice about eating beef. China is the world’s largest consumer of horse meat, and parts of France actually have horse meat on their everyday menus. But here in America, I think I speak for most people when I say, I’ll pass. “Yo quiero, horse meat?” No thanks! Will this stop you from indulging at Taco Bell? Check out which Taco Bell tested positive for horse meat below! Caasi Cofer

(Video) Anaconda In Brazil Vomits A Whole What????

An anaconda vomiting up a whole cow sounds pretty gross, right?..But the video has been viewed more than 151,000 times on YouTube so I guess it is that kind of gross you can withhold watching? .. Well if you want to see for yourself click below. Mickey

(Video) National Geographic Host Drinks Cow Urine

National Geographic’s host of The Witch Doctor Will See You Now: Cow Urine Cure is on a mission to spread the word about how healthy he claims cow urine is for people. According to the host, people should drink one glass of cow urine per day for a long and happy life. Watch him drink a glass of cow urine after the jump. Julie1205

Cambodian Toddler Suckles Milk Straight From Cow

Um Oeung, a Cambodian man, says his young grandson has lived partly on milk he suckles directly from a cow since the boy’s parents left their rural village in search of work. Oeung says 20-month-old Tha Sophat started suckling the cow in July after he saw a calf do the same. Continue reading after the jump. @capriSUNshine

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