(VIDEO) NBA: Lol, Even Dwyane Wade Has Jokes About His Questionable Fashion Style

Just because you’re making a statement doesn’t mean it’s always right. Lol. We got nothing but love for Dwyane Wade, BUT those tight capri pants the other night were something else. SMH.  Apparently he heard about all the jokes and could relate to reporter Craig Sager — who is also known for his crazy fashion.  Check it out…

NBA:(Video) LOL, Spurs Coach Gives Another Classic Hilarious Interview

For those that don’t know, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich hates doing interviews. I have always said that TV networks should not be allowed to interview coaches during the game, especially the coach of a team that is losing at the moment. You know the last thing a coach wants is to be asked questions by some annoying person when his team is losing. Well Popovich is notorious for giving reporters the most classic, cold hearted , direct to the point interviews without caring how the reporter feels. Craig Sager who works for TNT tried to ask some questions during the Spurs loss to the Thunder last night. Check out how Pop can be a real d*ck, but that’s what happens when you ask a coach questions during a game. You just got to laugh. Watch the interview after the jump.

NBA:(Photo) I Smell Trouble! Could This Pic Dissin’ Lebron Cause A Problem For TNT

I don’t think Lebron or his reps are going to take too kind to TNT commentator Craig Sager posing for a picture during a televised game with a Lakers fan who is clearly not a fan of Lebron. I don’t know if someone just missed this, or if they are flat out dumb, but either way it doesn’t look good for the TNT network, which is one of the major networks for televised NBA games across the country. Now you may agree with what the shirt of the fans says, and the kid looks kind of funny in the pic, but still, someone should of realized this pic was not a good idea. Check the photo in the gallery after the jump.

(VIDEO) NBA: LOL, Melo & Garnett Clear The Air and Clown Craig Sager At The Same Damn Time!

Looks like things are all good between Melo & Garnett! People were worried about how they would interact this past weekend at All-Star, but it seems as though the beef has been buried! They actually cleared the air and both clowned Craig Sager for the outfit he was wearing! Check it out…

(Video & Pics) NBA: LMAO! Kevin Garnett Clowns Craig Sager’s Suit!!

C’mon Craig! Lol. He definitely deserved what KG served him. Check out what Kevin Garnett had to say about Craig Sager’s crazy looking suit

(Video) NBA: Lol, Chris Paul’s Got Jokes! Makes Fun of Craig Sager’s Suit

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl After talking to TNT about the amazing comeback victory against the Grizzlies, Chris Paul clowns Craig Sager about his suit. Check it out after the jump…

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