Sports: Did Paparazzi Run David Beckham Off The Road & Cause Him To Crash Hit Motorcycle?

This story is still developing but early reports indicate that soccer star and international icon, David Beckham was involved in a motorcycle crash this morning. Those same reports say Beckham is ok and walked away from the crash, but the more disturbing part could be why he wound up crashing. People close to David say paparazzi caused him to swerve out of control and go off the road! We need to get laws in place when it comes to media and paparazzi because this could of been much worse! Hit the jump.

(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Personal Website Crashes After Fans Rush To Site For Answers

Fans are in a frenzy over Lebron’s decision and they just can’t handle it. After a “source” broke news yesterday that Lebron planned to announce his plans via his website LebronJames.Com at 3:30 pm, fans rushed to the site. The problem was even if Lebron really was going to do that nobody would of been able to see it because the website crashed due to the onslaught of unexpected traffic. Many fans hoping to read what he decided to do only got to see the main page of the site continue to “load” or even worse got a server error! Luckily for fans that rumor was totally untrue as we still are waiting to see what the King will decide to do. Hit the jump.

Auto:(Photo) Custom Oldsmobile Cutlass Gets Parked Where??

How you gonna just do this to a classic car like the Oldsmobile Cutlass from the 70’s?? So disrespectful! But when your high and drunk you tend to do idiotic things. Wal-Mart is usually open 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean for you to park your car there. This dude according to witnesses was making some real big scenes in the parking lot before he decided to speed his Cutlass through the front doors and drive into the store. He made is through the entrance when of all things he crashed into a Bud Light display. The beer cans actually did some pretty decent damage to the ride. How many old school car lovers want to punch this dude right now? I am sure Funk Flex himself would be in line to talk to the driver. Check out the pics after the jump in the gallery.

Auto:(Video) Which NBA Player Had His Car Destroyed By His Friend?

Damn man, did you really do that to a $200,000 car thatis NOT yours?? This is why you don’t lend people your car. Forget about getting it back with a coffee stain in the rug, or messy inside. How about if you find your car parked inside your building, and by inside, I literally mean inside! Jordan Hill of the Los Angeles Lakers lent his Bentley out to his friend for the night. He will forever regret that decision. His friend decided to get drunk that night and valet park the car inside the lobby of Hill’s condo complex. He was so drunk he crashed the car through the actual building and it wound up in the lobby destroyed and covered in glass and other building fixtures. After being taken care of by paramedics, his friend was arrested and booked for DUI. Good luck to Hill trying to get that covered by insurance. Check out the video from the scene after the jump.

(Video) So Sad…A Long Island Bus Driver Crashed Into A House Killing A 6 Year Old Boy…Trying To Avoid What???

Who would have thought while a mother was preparing tomorrows lunch for her kids, one of them would be smashed in between a wall and a bus while he was walking to his room to go to sleep…Well reportedly a jaywalker ignored the bus, making the bus driver swerve and crash into the house…Click below to see the video. Mickey

Breaking News: Passenger Plane Crashes In Nigeria’s Largest City!

A passenger plane with about 140 to 150 on board crashed in Lagos today, Nigeria’s largest city.  The amount of people dead are still unknown, but according to some reports many might have not survived. Stay tuned as details emerge.  Hit the jump for details. Steph Bassanini

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