Wait, What? A 16 Year Old Killed His Parents Because They Took Away His iPod

Well, talk about over reacting. This generation’s obsession with technology is getting a little too crazy. A 10th grade honor student from Norfolk, Virginia plead guilty today in an adult court of two counts of second degree murder for killing his parents because he “just got mad and went off.” Just about a week before Christmas on December 19th, 2013, Vincent Parker, 16, went over the edge after he admittedly got sick of routine punishments “like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

(Video) Steven Tyler Of Aerosmith, Forgets The Words To One Of His Classic Hits!

The Rock N Roll Legend that is Steven Tyler, has taken to Europe for touring, and while taking his talents to the streets of Lithuania during a brief performance on the road, he got a slight case of Amnesia when it came down to remembering the words to ‘Crazy’. Watch the hilarious clip below!

A NYC Man Suing For An Amount Of Money You’ve Never Heard Before After Being Biten By Dog

What the hell is an undecillion? Never heard of it? Well it’s the number 2 accompanied by 36 zeros, making it just about more money than we even have on earth and this 62 year old man from NYC wants it all. After being biten by a rabid dog on a city bus Anton Purisma filed a lawsuit last month for his “priceless” suffering. Looks like you found a price though guy.

Brother DOES WHAT To Teenage Sister’s Boyfriend !?!

A 21 year old man in Chicago had his ear ripped off by the brother of his underage girlfriend the NY Daily News Says. The brother ripped off the ear of 21 year old Jonathan Rios, after finding Rios and his sister having sex. To make matter worse, Rios got the 16 year old pregnant twice! Read this story after the jump !

(18+*Video) OUCH! The ‘Oral Copulation’ Self-Defense Course

Ummm, even though a very old video, beyond effective! The defense from a forced BJ.

(Photos) Train Derails At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport; Injures More Than 30 People

This actually looks like it came straight out of a movie, like “Money Train”.

Canadian Woman Fakes Pregnancy With Quintuplets!?

Seriously, how tf do you fake a pregnancy with 5 kids !? A woman in Quebec faked the whole pregnancy, not just to the town, but her family and even her own boyfriend! That lady needs serious help ! Read the full story after the jump.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Steve Francis Looks Like He’s 80 Now! He’s 37 & Twitter Has Jokes!

This is just concerning.  What the hell is going on with Steve Francis?!  He JUST turned 37 and he’s looking like a super old man (obviously we’re not talking about the lead picture).  We’ve seen pics where people were shocked at his appearance (see HERE), but just when you thought it couldn’t get worse — it does.  Damn son!! Check it out along with what fans had to say on Twitter…

(Photos) Jennifer Lopez Bringing Back Her Infamous Low Cut VMA Dress?! Gorgeous!

Jennifer Lopez has paid homage to her iconic 2000 Grammys plunging dress in her latest music video I Luh Ya Papi. The video starts with Jennifer discussing what to do for her music video with two friends and a music label rep. See the similarities in the outfit below!

(Photos) Whoa! Kim Kardashian Steps Out With NO Make Up!

Whoa! Kim Kardashian without make up is a CRAZY sight. Either way, she still manages to look somewhat glamorous! No photoshop here! See for yourself after the jump!

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