NYC Man Saves Woman From Falling Elevator And Dies Saying “Happy New Year”

New York’s Stephen Hewett Brown will be remembered a hero. Thursday night on New Year’s Eve, Brown valiantly sacrificed himself to save a stranger from a falling elevator car that would have crushed her, but crushed him instead. Brown’s last words were positive ones for bystanders and witnesses also, iterating “Happy New Year”. Hit the jump for the full story.

(18+*Video) WTF! Women Crushing Melons With Her Large Melons

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen, a woman taking her own breast(as large as they are) and smashing things with them, including metal objects, and watermelons!

(Video & Pictures) So Tragic: Man Pushed In Front of Subway Train In NYC

This news makes me super UPSET with the world. So many things wrong with this story. Han, Father of one was PUSHED to death under subway train. He was on tracks for 60 SECONDS and nobody tried to help. One whole minute and no one could take the time to help him. BUT all these bystanders and eyewitnesses.. HAVE PICTURES. How does your heart, mind, and your damn SOUL take a picture before trying to help save this guy. Photographer who took pictures said there were other people closer to the victim and not one person helped. A police source said, “More than a minute – and possibly as long as 90 seconds – passed before the train pinned Mr Han between the well and train.” Sometimes, I strongly dislike the people in this world. I hope this stays on their conscious forever. See the video after the jump… Biz Baby

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