(Video) WHOA! President Obama Says What About Jay-Z’s Trip To Cuba ?!?!

Well, I guess Obama told EVERYBODY! Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba, and we all know that they got heat for it. Investigations and more, so Jay did what he does best – rapped about it. In “Open Letter,” Jay-Z spits “Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached’ … We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.” Obama puts his foot down and let’s everyone know his involvement on this Cuba trip. Drop down bottom and see what he had to say.

(Video) LMAO! C’Mon Son – Ed Lover Doesn’t Hold Much Back As He Comes At Ray-J, Rick Ross & More!

It’s the 51st installment of Ed Lovers’ “C’Mon Son” series, he puts it all on the table, and I can’t say that I don’t agree with most of his opinions. He talks about Ray-J’s career being so washed up that he had to go in on a pregnant woman (c’mon son), Rick Ross’ rape reference – even after all of the interviews Meek Mill has done to justify the lyric (c’mon son), The Carter’s trip to Cuba (c’mon son), and so much more. Drop down bottom and have a laugh.

(Video) White House Addresses Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” Track

Earlier today, Jay-Z released a new track, “Open Letter,” which addressed his current happenings, including the political controversy surrounding his recent trip to Cuba. During a briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney spoke on the song, explaining that Jay followed proper protocol and didn’t communicate with President Obama.

(Photos) Chief Keef Responds To Jay-Z’s Referencing Him In “Open Letter”

I guess if you’re a Jay-Z fan and he references you in any way, you’d be excited. Jay dropped his new single, “Open Letter” and talks about what he could do – if he wanted – while making trips to Cuba. One of those is buying some ‘product’ for Chief Keef. The Chicago bred rapper got a little flutter in his heart and took to twitter to express how he felt about the line. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Trip To Cuba WAS Approved By U.S. Government

Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba over the weekend to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, but caught heat afterwards since the country isn’t on the best of terms with the U.S. Cuba is technically off-limits to American tourists by law, but apparently all is well…because the power couple had their trip approved beforehand! The thing is, Americans CAN go to Cuba if they get the proper license to do so…and since Bey and Jay’s visit was a “cultural” one (no meeting with officials or dong tourist things like beach trips)…they were good to go. C’mon, you know these two wouldn’t be caught slipping like, ever!

(Photos) Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Cuba Trip Being Investigated By Republicans?!?

As usual, instead of fixing important things like jobs, war and deficit are instead focusing on harassing celebrities. Is it illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba without a government visa for an educational exchange between the two countries. As it was widely publicized as an anniversary trip in the media, the trip raised some eyebrows of activists and the government.

(Photos) Jay-Z: From Bucket Hats To Cuban Cigars & Fedora’s !!!

Through The Years we’ve seen Jay-Z go through different styles, each one unique and completely different from the others. People may argue that Jay-Z can’t really dress, but that’s ok. To say the least, his choices of clothing sometimes could be a little weird.Take a look at the gallery up top as he goes from then til now with his style!

(Photos) Jay-Z & Beyonce Getting Blasted For Trip To Cuba?!?

Jay-Z & Bey look blissfully in love on their 5th anniversary–and beautiful Havana looked like a fantastic choice for them. But they’re getting flack about going to the country that is technically off-limits to American tourists by law, and a Cuban activist is calling their trip “insensitive” as they didn’t address abuse against women and suppression of freedom by the Cuban government. Check out more about what he has to say after the jump and pics of the couple in the gallery.

(Video) Anniversary Footage: Jay-Z & Beyonce In Havana, Cuba!

We gave you the photos from the trip, now check out the actual footage from their trip in Cuba! Check out the vid below!

(Photos) Jay-Z & Beyonce Spend Their 5-Year Anniversary In Cuba!

The power couple themselves, Jay & Bey, make their way over to Cuba for their 5 year anniversary. The two were seen with fans, Jay even smoking a Cuban cigar. Check out the photos from their trip below!

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