(PHOTOS) NBA: How SWEET! LeBron Sends His Neighbors A Gift With Note To Apologize For ‘Chaos’

Isn’t this sweet of LeBron & his family?!  He’s moved back home and he wants to make sure he’s in a good place with his neighbors, so he sent them a gift apologizing for the traffic & chaos surrounding his decision part 2.   The note is actually pretty cute & creative. Check out what he got them…

FOOD: STD Cupcakes? Look Nasty, But Taste Good!!

The second annual Eat Your Heart Out exhibition this weekend at London St. Bath’s Pathology Museum is already turning heads. The HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and genital warts cupcakes they are selling are intended to raise STD awareness and as nasty as it looks – I believe it will do just that! I’d buy the disease designed cupcakes and probably want to get tested right after! LOL. Check it out below! Caasi Cofer

(Photos)The Best Thing About New York Fashion Week??

New York Fashion Week is approaching and everyone is about to be in town for this week of fashion craziness. Magnolia Bakery, has created a limited edition delightful desert that screams high fashion!  Some(models) may not be able to enjoy them, but whoever is might consider it the best part of NYFW.They are decorated with glitter and crystals just for NYFW, hit the jump. Steph B

(Fellas Check The Pic!) Who Wouldn’t Like Their Cupcakes Made Like This!!?? #TataTuesday

Fellas check out this pic of how you should be eating cupcakes! DJTech4 

Cupcake ATM Machines Coming To New York City

Oh man, I know Marisa will bug when she sees this! Earlier this week, Sprinkle Cupcakes announced they were launching 24-hour-hour cupcake ATM machines in LA and now the company has announced that the machines are coming to NYC. More details after the jump… Wendy L.

(Photos) DOPE! A 24 Hour Cupcake ATM Coming To L.A.!

How freaking awesome is this?! Me being the cupcake lover that I am…I’m kind of obsessing right now! Popular cupcake eatery Sprinkles is planning to launch a new store in L.A. with an ice cream parlor attached, and they’ll be installing the 24 hour cupcake ATM (of sorts) there. Get more details and photos of the building below! Marisa Mendez

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