(Video) Man Who Had Remedies To Cure AIDS, Cancer, And Diabetes Has Passed Away

Dr. Sebi reportedly had remedies that he knew for a fact could cure AIDS, Cancer, and even Diabetes. He has now passed away at the age of 82. Back in 1988, Sebi was sued for false advertisement and practicing medicine with no license after placing many ad’s in newspapers.

Researchers Announce a Possible Cure For HIV After Removing The Virus’ DNA From a Living Tissue

Look like some hope could possibly be found for people who have fallen victim to HIV.

Charlie Sheen On HIV: “If Anybody Can Fight This Thing And Discover A Cure, It’s Me”

After revealing his HIV status to world on Matt Lauer back in November, Charlie Sheen is now using his unfortunate situation as a chance to raise awareness and center a focus on research to find better treatment options and a cure. In an interview with RadarOnline, Sheen opened up about his choice to keep his positive status under wraps for so long and just how he’s been dedicated to finding that cure. He said, “It was shortly afterwards — I think it was the second day — I said to my mom, ‘This disease picked the wrong guy,’” Sheen continued, “If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me. I will exhaust every resource available to me. I will sit with every expert. I will move forward until something’s revealed.” Read more below.

(Photo) Pamela Anderson Celebrates Hepatitis C ‘Cure’ With A Nudie

It has been every bit of 16 years since Pamela Anderson found out that she contracted Hepatitis C. Here we are in 2015, the former “Baywatch” babe has announced that due to a Food and Drug Administration-approved medicine, she is “cured” of the virus. Find out more after the jump.

Usher Opens Up About His Son’s Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis; “There’s Been Some Difficult Moments”

Being diagnosed with any illness is a struggle; awareness, health changes, etc., but it’s even more difficult when you have to create these changes when you are only a child. Usher understands these difficulties as his seven-year-old son, Usher Raymond V, also known as Cinco, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During a chat with PEOPLE at the JDRF‘s Promise Ball, which raises awareness and money for research and a cure, Usher opens up about his son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis one year ago. “A child that every day has to prick himself and has to be cautious of what he eats and also to carry this disorder around — that really is the type of bravery that we all aspire to have,” says the R&B crooner. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) #EbolaBack? Doctor Who Was “Cured” Still Has The Virus

Let the scare tactics continue. Seems like the Ebola Epidemic took a backseat for a while but it may be back to the forefront after new developments arise in the United States. Click more to read the full story.

(Video) LOL! Rihanna Curses Paparazzi For Being In Her Way “Get Out My F***ing Way”

Rihanna Curses Paparazzi, “Move Motherf***er, you’re in the way…get out my F***ing way” As Rihanna get extra fed with pap’s at the British fashion awards, as if they never saw such a sexy star before, they were on her! To be clear, she di ask politely 1st, so she wasn’t on some ‘Diva’ ish, she was truly bothered by the frenzy.

Have You Heard: Temple University Researchers Eliminate HIV Virus From Human Cells

Shortly after the national HIV testing day on June 27th is the one step that may provide a cure. A team of Temple University researchers were able to remove the HIV-1 virus from human cells. “We have a cure for HIV elimination. We have a system to eliminate HIV from the cells in the laboratory,” said Dr. Kamel Khalili, who led the research team. More details below.

(Photos) Could There Be A ‘Day After Pill’ That Prevents HIV??

Wow. Seems that scientists are working with monkeys to possibly cure HIV. Hit the jump to check out there experiments and see how it all went down.

(Photo) Vaccine Clears HIV From Infected Monkeys!! New Cure For Virus?!

Researchers at the Oregon Health & Science University may have found a cure for the deadly virus that causes AIDs. When administered to monkeys, the vaccine completely eliminated any trace of SIV, the non-human primate version of HIV, from half of the test subjects. To read more, click below.

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