Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Reach Common Ground In Nasty Custody Battle

Things were getting ugly between former married couple Robin Thicke and Paula Patton in the custody battle over their 6-year-old son Julian, but thankfully, the pair have found common ground and are reportedly ready to settle.

Ciara & Future’s Custody Battle Has Finally Come To An End

Ciara and Future have been in a bad space ever since their nasty breakup in 2014. From lawsuits over slander, to countersuits and custody battles, things escalated to some pretty crazy level. Finally, though, it seems like they’ve put it all behind them.

Judge Rules Ludacris Has Final Say Over Any Pics His Daughter’s Mother Posts Of Their Kid

Ludacris has been in an ongoing custody battle with Tamika Fuller, the woman he fathered a daughter with while on a break from his now-wife, Eudoxie. It’s been messy to say the least, but ultimately, a judge ruled a while back that Luda gets full custody, and has been denying Tamika’s repeated attempts to appeal it.

Kid Cudi’s Daughter’s Mother Granted Order Of Protection Against Him

Kid Cudi’s daughter’s mother, Jacqueline Munyasya, has been granted an order of protection against her ex. Per the order, Cudi must stay away from her and cease ALL contact, as Munyasya says he’s been causing her emotional distress, and even once demanded she stop letting their daughter hang out with white people. The battles between the former couple aren’t new, as even as far back as 2010, Munyasya sued Cudi over custody and child support.

Future Wins Joint Custody Of Baby Future

Ciara and Future are at odds in multiple ways. You have their battle for custody of the child they share together, Future Zahir, and then you have the lawsuits they have against each other for slander and libel and a bunch of other petty nonsense that could have been avoided if everyone wasn’t all in their feelings. This week, they appeared in court to address the former – custody of the baby. TMZ reports that Ciara asked for sole custody during their custody hearing yesterday, and reportedly said Future was “a bad parent who was not present in the child’s life.” Her lawyer also chimed in on the trash-talking, adding that the rapper is not a good person. Future instead asked for joint custody, and the judge has agreed. Needless to say, Ciara is none too pleased. Watch her radio silent exit from court below.

Chris Brown Wins Big In Custody Battle For Baby Royalty

Chris Brown spent Friday morning in a Houston courtroom, fighting for custody of his daughter 1 year-old Royalty. Brown has become quite the responsible father since finding out about his ‘oops baby’ with Nia Guzman and has done everything he can to make sure got joint custody of her. Seems like his efforts were not wasted as he won the battle in court today. Hit the jump for details.

Chris Brown Plans To Win In Court Against His Baby Mama By Pointing Out THIS Key Factor!

Breezy is NOT playing around when it comes to his daughter, Royalty. It has been a back and forth rivalry between Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, for quite some time now. Although CB seems to be fulfilling his role as an active dad, Guzman is not satisfied. She’s taking him to court to 1) try to get full custody and only leave Breezy with MONITORED visitation and 2) increase his child support payments from $2,500 (which he’s paying now) to $15,000/ per MONTH.

Lil Scrappy Ordered By Judge To Stay Away From Erica For A Year

Wednesday (August 13) a judge ordered Lil Scrappy to stay away from his baby mama Erica Dixon for a year. The protective order comes after she filed a petition against Scrappy saying she feared for her life and he committed family violence against her. Read more below.

Lil Kim Speaks On Her Custody Battle With Mr. Papers

Lil Kim and her baby father Mr. Papers have been trapped in the middle of an ugly custody battle for quite some time now. The Queen Bee hasn’t said much on the situation, trying to maintain her privacy. However, today she took to Twitter to air out the situation. Hit the jump for more.

Lil Kim Accuses Her Daughter’s Father Of Domestic Violence In Heated Custody Battle

Lil Kim and her ex Mr. Papers are currently battling it out over custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Royal Reign. The pair have been broken up since Royal was 2 months, and Kim has reportedly blocked him from seeing her ever since. He’s now asking the family courts to step in, and it’s making for quite an ugly battle. Kim didn’t show up to their last hearing on July 9, but did file documents alleging domestic violence. However, Mr. Papers says he’s innocent and that he believes she’s doing that just to delay him seeing his daughter even more. The pair are due back in court this week. Hopefully they can work something out that’s in the baby’s best interest, because that’s the only one who matters here!

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