Say What! Woman Kills Her Boyfriend With A Stiletto Heel And Gets Life In Prison!

A woman in Houston receives life in prison for killing her boyfriend with a stiletto heel by stabbing him with it 25 times. Find out more on the crazy story after the jump!

[PHOTOS] Hollyweird: A-List Actor Johnny Depp Subpoenaed In Murder Case Investigation?!

Well in just ‘out of left’ field news, it appears that famed A-List actor Johnny Depp’s presence is being requested before the court of law. The top actor who’s enjoyed enormous success throughout his 20 year acting career, was subpoenaed last Thursday in the investigation of a murder case…

(Photos) WTF?! Shots Fired At A Baby Shower In Brooklyn??!!

A baby shower is supposed to be a time a joy, celebrating the soon to be birth of a new baby with close family and friends, totally not the case here! Read more after the jump…

(Photos) Nothing Sweet About It! PinkBerry Co Founder Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison??

Hmmm…., and here we thought sweet treats made people happy. Shrugs. Well, not in the case of Young Lee, 49 year old Co Founder of yogurt chain, Pink Berry founded in 2005. Lee sentenced on Friday is going to jail for quite some time…

(Video) Here’s How You Get Arrested For Posting On Instagram!

Now I’ve told people ‘Do Not Post your dirt on social media’, but I guess I have to expand my writing to include ‘Do Not Post Fake Dirt On Social Media’ EITHER!!!

(Photos) Whoa!! Former McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Was Booked For Drugs & Guns!!

The man behind the mask, John R. Morales, was stopped back in 2011 for speeding. Ironically, during the stop, police called in sniffer dogs that later found marijuana in his car. In addition to the drugs, police also found two maps that lead to pot farms. But that’s not it… That map also led to the discovery of over 27 guns.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: 2 Cops Murdered During Robbery

I may a dude from the street, but this is NOT clean, especially knowing these idiots will prob get the death penalty for whatever they got from a bakery. Dirt is Dirt, and Robbing a bakery to feed your fam is one thing, but murdering 2 cops is just dumb….But maybe that’s why I didn’t continue that street life.

(Video) Vine Is Known For Funny Vids, Adult Entertainment, and Now A Rape Case?!

Vine User(and Star with 2.7M followers), Jessi Smiles accuses her Ex and fellow Vine user Curtis Lepore(who has 3.4M followers) of Rape while they were dating. This ‘she say he say’ is starting to get crazy because their followers are coming to the defense of their Fav, and death threats are happening.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Kid Takes A TV From Target With A Skateboard

LMAO, I’m not gonna front, I totally didn’t think dude was gonna make it, but he did…aside from the crime part, kudos to you skateboarder kid!!

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Correctional Officer Kills Inmate During Argument

Wow, this video is crazy! A Raleigh, N.C. correction officer said in court an inmate had to be subdued as he was threatening. Now I will admit the inmate was up on the C.O., but the inmate was half the C.O.’s size and you can clearly see that by the way the officer is ‘throwing’ the inmate around, shameful.

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