(Video) Could This The 1st Prototype Of A Real Robocop?!?

Not Sure but Maybe, The Knightscope K5(Autonomous Data Machine) moving around on it’s own, collecting everything in it’s path, just without the arms and legs.

(Video) More Fools On Facebook Showing Guns

I thought we talked about this, stop showing stuff on FB that all get you arrested!

(Photos) Did Google Maps Find A Dead Body?!

In a sense yes, they didn’t find it before the cops, but by the looks of it, Gmaps found it just after they did.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Kidnapped In Broad Daylight By Another Woman?!

As I was looking for more video on the Miss Bum Bum competition, I ran across this video that happened this week in Brazil. A woman walking down the street some where in Brazil was just snatched of the street by another woman.

(Video) Georgia Shooter Walks Into Elementary School & Fires Shots

We’ve gotten to a point as Americans where schools are no longer safe. 20 year-old Brandon Hill entered the Ronald E McNair Discover Learning Academy Elementary School in Georgia with an AK-47 and fired shots. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the children were safe. My questions are 1) Why is someone deranged allowed to have the gun? 2) Why is an AK-47 necessary in any situation other than war? The more guns near schools, the higher the chance of a shooting. Check out the newscast after the jump.

(Video) Caught On Camera: Man Stuffs WHAT Down His Pants?!?

I’m saying…there are a lot of reason’s people shoplift, usually for things they can’t afford, their desire gets the better of them, but this is kinda Crazy, Dude putting Puppies down his pants?! Did he REALY Need Puppies?! Hit the Jump.

(Video) You Won’t Believe Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro’s Psycho Testimony

As part of a plea deal with the DA to avoid the death penalty, Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro accepted 1000 years in prison. Before his sentence though, he gave one of the most sickening testimonies ever, claiming that him and the three ladies he kidnapped lived in “harmony” together. He goes on to say he has a sickness, similar to an addiction. This is a must see video. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) WTF! There’s A Serial Stabber Out On The Loose In Queens?!

For all of my NYC brothers and sisters, watch your back at night. There is supposedly a man on the loose in Queens who has attacked two female victims at night. He doesn’t just stab once either; both victims have been stabbed over 10 times in the back, neck and legs, once in Queens Village and the other in Ozone Park. There is a video of the stabber below. If you see something, say something!

(*Graphic*Video*) 13 Year-Old Gets Killed In Broad Daylight By Old Man

Trayvon Martin is everywhere, and there are so many more of him when there shouldn’t be. Darius Simmons, a 13 year-old kid, was doing his chores last year when 76 year-old neighbor John Spooner decided to take the situation into his own hands. He accused Darius of stealing a gun from his house, which he hadn’t, and then proceeded to punish him on his own. Spooner is awaiting trial, and based on this video alone, he needs to be locked up for a long time. This video is extremely graphic. If it would remotely bother you, don’t watch it. Hopefully this video will bring about a discussion on change in our gun control and Stand Your Ground laws. Find the video after the jump.

WHAT?? Teen Put In Jail For What He Said On Facebook???

Justin Carter, a 19 year old from Texas has been in jail for nearly 3 months because of what he posted on his Facebook account. The father of the teen says that his son was jailed over a stupid joke that went to far.

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