(Video) Sports: We May Have Seen The Dunk Of The Year Last Night & It Came From The D-League

There was a lot of basketball being played last night around the country between the NCAA tournament and NBA games but the play of the night came from the D-league of all places. D.J. Stephens of the Iowa Energy threw down a serious dunk against the Fort Wayne Mad Ants after his teammates passed the ball around on a fast break, eventually leaving it up in the air for Stephens to finish the play!

(Photos) Sports: Lil B Accepts Invite to Try Out For Sixers D-League Team

The Based God Curse by Lil B that is terrorizing the NBA began firstly against Kevin Durant whom refused to play the rapper one-on-one and dissed his music.  Lil B has often boasted about his basketball skills and the California native even tried out for the Golden State Warriors D-League affiliate.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out for him but now he has a chance with another team.

NFL D-League Coming Soon?!

The NFL is looking into creating a developmental league.  I say why not?!  What do you guys think?! Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Which Do You Like Best?! Knicks File For Trademarks Fo Five Potential D-League Team Names

Ok, Knicks’ D-League team fans — it’s up to you!  Their new D-League team (who will play in my hood – Westchester next season) filed for trademarks on five potential team names.  You will be able to vote on the name in the next couple of weeks.  Check it out & let us know what you think — I like the 4th option…

NBA: Knicks’ D-League Team Cuts Chris Smith (JR Smith’s Brother); Here’s Why…

Welp, it’s a wrap for JR Smith’s younger brother, Chris Smith.  He was sent to the Knicks’ D-League affiliate by the Knicks & now he’s been cut by the Erie BayHawks.  They announced the news this afternoon. Hit the jump to find out what happen…

NBA: Mark Cuban Calls NCAA Rules Hypocritical & Says NBA Prospects Should Join the D League

You can always count on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to speak his mind.  In the latest edition of what did Cuban say, he spoke about the NCAA.  A lot of people are critical of the NCAA and the way they treat their student athletes and have suggested ways to fix it; Cuban thinks NBA prospects should avoid them altogether.

(Video) Sports: The Dunk Contest You Should’ve Watched, Tony Mitchell Of the D League

While everyone was looking forward to the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest with Indiana Pacers participant Paul George, the D League had a way better show and the two-time winner was also an Indiana product, Tony Mitchell of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.

NBA: Knicks Recall J.R. Smith’s Brother From D-League & Tyson Chandler Returns Tonight

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter about this.  The Knicks are trying to make moves to get it back together & they have recalled Chris Smith from D-League.  Whether you like this or not, there is great news — Tyson Chandler will be back in the lineup tonight against the Bucks!!  YIPEEE (thank goodness)!!!!  Amar’e Stoudemire & Kenyon Martin still out.  #KnicksTape Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Shabazz Muhammad Heading For the D League?

The once very promising basketball star has been in a slight downward spiral for quite some time.  20-year-old Shabazz Muhammad who was once found to have lied about his age was found in trouble yet again when he was sent home from the NBA Rookie Transition Program.  The Timberwolves general manager was very unhappy with his actions and could have a punishment in store.  Read more after the jump.

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