#MusicStillMatters New Music: Future – Paparazzi (Dab)

It’s about that time we get hit with a swarm of Future bangers. Earlier today “Guap On Me” was released to the public, and just a few hours later we got this one here! It goes by the name “Paparazzi” and you can check it out on the Funk Flex app!

(Video) Migos Says The Dab Is NOT Dead

Migos have now spoken on people saying the DAB is dead. Quavo says that the dab will forever live on.

(Video) NFL: Cam Newton Says It’s Time To Officially Retire The Dab & Find A New Way To Celebrate

The Migos get most of the credit for starting “the dab” but Cam Newton took it to new heights, mainly because of his popularity and national television exposure during the NFL season. Since then we have seen old grown men do horrible renditions of the dab, as well as kids as the spelling bee championship hitting the dab after spelling a word correctly. With that said, it’s no wonder Cam wants to start distancing himself from the move and wants to bury it all together.

(Video) Bruce Springsteen Hits The Whip/Nae Nae/DAB On Stage…

Oh man…that was a little hard to watch Bruce lmao. The legendary musician brought a young fan on stage to dance to his classic song “Dancing In The Dark”, to which she of course started to whip/nae nae and hit the dab. Bruce eventually chimed in on the fun before this vid started to hit the net.

(Video) Bow Wow Adresses His ‘Dab’ Explaination

So yall remember the time Bow Wow thought he knew where the dab came from right? Well during another interview, Bow Wow goes on to explain it again.

(Video) Classic: Bill Gates Hits His Billion Dollar Dab All Crazy!

Not only is Bill Gates a billionaire, but he is also a word-class dabber. A recent video went viral of the Microsoft head honcho hitting his dab like a true OG. Absolutely hilarious!

(Photo + Video) Look At My Dab: Martin Lawrence Says He Was The First One To Dab

Everybody is Dabbing now-a-days! The dance was created by rap group Migos. If you listened to Bow Wow’s explanation of what Dabbing is, you are WRONG. Martin Lawrence took to Instagram with an old picture of him. He claims he is the original Dabber! From the looks of the picture, he just might be.

(Video) NFL: Commissioner Roger Goodell Dabs For The Camera…Can We Officially Retire The Dab Now?

Migos brought dabbing to the world and Cam Newton took it to new heights but now that everyone and their grandmother ( I mean that literally) is dabbing, is it time to say enough is enough? I vote yes, especially after watching Roger Goodell show us his cool side.

(Video) Man Hits The Dab As Soon As Maury Tells Him He Is NOT The Father

There is nothing quite as exciting as hearing Maury tell a father-in-question that he is indeed NOT the father. As for Steve, when it comes to 10-month-old Jeremiah, Maury Povich broke the news that he was not the dad to the little boy. Instead of being sad, Steve instead decided to hit his dab when receiving the life changing news. As much as it is probably horrible to laugh at such a thing, it is extremely comical none-the-less. Check out the video clip below.

(Video) Okay! Stevie Wonder Gets Taught How To “Dab”

WELP folks, it looks like even Stevie Wonder has joined the dabbing world, too! The recent dance sort-of thing (or the movement you make after you take a hit of some strong weed, whatevs) has had everyone going crazy and dabbing everywhere and to just about everything. During the holidays, Stevie Wonder’s family decided to give him a lesson on how to dab correctly and it is PRICELESS. He was killing it! Check out Stevie’s dabbing videos below.

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