(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith, French Montana & More Red Solo Cuppin’ at OVO Fest

Drake’s OVO Fest in Canada was the place to be this weekend and the championship winning Cleveland Cavaliers were in the building.

(Video) NBA: Yikes Dahntay Jones Sneaker Collection Gets Auctioned Off After Not Paying Storage Bill

Yikes, former Cleveland Cavaliers forward Dahntay Jones may have won a championship ring in June, but July was a bad month.  Not only did the Cavaliers waive him, but he also lost 200 sneakers in July because his prized shoe collection was auctioned off and he’s of course pissed.

(Video) NBA: LeBron James Says He Will Pay Dahntay Jones’ $80 Fine

Cleveland Cavaliers swingman Dahntay Jones was suspended from Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals for his punch to Toronto Raptors center Bismack Biyombo’s groin in Game 3.

NBA: Doc Rivers on Draymond Green: “It makes me happy that I could get someone mad”

If you haven’t been following the Warriors vs. Clippers (well mainly Draymond Green, Dahntay Jones and Doc Rivers) saga let me catch you up really quickly.

NBA: League Fines Dahntay Jones $10,000 For Bumping Draymond Green; Jones Goes Off!

The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 106-98 on Sunday.  Warriors forward Draymond Green had a game-high 23 points and was given the nationwide post game interview on ABC.  During that interview, Clippers guard Dahntay Jones walked by Green and looked to have intentionally bumped him.  Green fired off on Jones with a bevy of insults during his locker room interview and said he expected the bump to be reviewed by the NBA.  Well they did review it and Jones will have to pay, literally.

(Video) NBA: Draymond Green ETHERS Dahntay Jones For Bumping Him During Postgame Interview!

The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 106-98 during ABC’s Sunday NBA broadcast.  The highlight of the game for many was Stephen Curry vs. Chris Paul but the real rivalry occurred after the game.  Draymond Green scored a game high 23 points so he was given the post game interview. During that interview Dahntay Jones walked past him and bumped him.  Green looked like he was ready to unleash on Jones but kept his composure and saved his ether for his locker room interview.

(VIDEO) NBA: Will Kobe Bryant Accept This Apology From Dahntay Jones?!

When Kobe Bryant was “Jalen Rose’d” by Atlanta Hawks player Dahntay Jones, there was the big debate on whether Dahntay did it on purpose. Kobe & Dahntay went back and forth on Twitter about it, but there was never a resolution. Well Dahntay is apologizing (again) – I wonder if Kobe (who is still recovering from the injury) will respond to this?! Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Oh Man! Ice Cube Weighs In on Kobe Bryant Ankle Injury & Names Who He Wants To Ball With!

Ice Cube who is an avid Lakers fan didn’t hold back when he was asked about Kobe Bryant’s ankle injury. Was Dahntay Jones at fault? Was it a dirty play?! Check out what Cube had to say…

NBA:(Video) Dahntay Jones Is Still Talking About Kobe!

Yesterday, Gametime Girl was all over the ongoing saga involving Kobe and Dahntay Jones and the back and forth on twitter, which you can read about HERE. But it seems Jones was far from done defending himself after he was on twitter earlier yesterday, and I can’t say I blame him. Kobe and some NBA fans are trying to make Jones out to be a dirty player because Kobe landed on his foot and hurt his ankle badly in the final seconds of the Lakers loss to Atlanta. But if you saw the game or watched the video of the play, if you know basketball, you know if anyone committed a foul it was actually Kobe by sticking his leg out to try and create contact with himself and Jones. Dahntay is also claiming Kobe never landed on his foot, and rather rolled his ankle on the court. Last night Jones did an interview with ESPN. Watch the clip after the jump and create your own opinion.

NBA:(Video) Here We Go! NBA Says Kobe Was Fouled By Dahntay Jones, SMH

Uh-Oh. Seems we might have some major d*ck riding going on here between the NBA and Kobe. I can’t even get mad at the black mamba though. It just shows how powerful of a figure he is in the league. By now I am sure you have all seen or heard about Kobe spraining his ankle when he missed a buzzer beater against the Hawks and landed on Dahntay Jones ankle. Kobe has been saying the play was dirty and a foul should of been called. You can see that story so you can catch up by clicking HERE. No foul was called during the game and the Lakers lost to Atlanta while Kobe laid on the court in pain. But now the NBA itself has spoken and they seem to side with Kobe, but they are dead wrong. Read more after the jump.

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