(Photos) Kim K’s Assistant Messed Up Her $300,000 Car?!

And this is Kim Kardashian’s car so you know we’re talking money here to repair the thing. Over the weekend Kim’s assistant scratched up her $300,000 Rolls Royce leaving what could add up to $20,000 in damages! Kims being pretty forgiving though. Check out the pics after the jump!

(Photos) Amanda Bynes’ Hotel Room Damages EXPOSED

Amanda Nutjob Bynes was apparently given the boot from her Ritz-Carlton Hotel room in NYC after she trashed the room and made members of the staff cry. Well, photos of the damage from Bynes’ nine day stay went viral and she is INDEED a big ol’ mess. The smoke detector was ripped out from the ceiling (I wonder why) and there were ashes and trash EVERYWHERE. As of now, the former Nickelodeon’s tab is at $9,000 but the hotel is still finding more damages to add on. Hit the gallery to check the flicks of the trashed hotel pad.

Ludacris Sues For The Illegal Use of His Label Name “Disturbing The Peace”

Ludacris is suing Demetri and Donna Evans-Brown for illegally using his label name; Disturbing The Peace for audio equipment and recording. Since 2003 he’s owned the trademark of “DTP” as well as the title of his album named nothing other than “Disturbing the Peace” He is looking to collect for damages & attorney’s fees along with the word of the judge to force them to stop using “DTP” This is the second lawsuit that we’ve seen from affiliated with him in a short amount of time. The one before this being with “Beats by Dre”

(Photos) 250,000 Cars Destroyed Because Of Sandy!

Sandy was one of the largest storms to hit the United States, it left more than 8 million homes and businesses without electricity in the Northeast; killed at least 121 people in the Northeast area including 80 people in New York and New Jersey. Sandy also damaged 250,000 cars leaving people with debts for cars they can’t even use anymore… But some car owners are in luck, read more to find out how! Funk Flex 

How Much Damage Will Hurricane Sandy Make?

FEMA is estimating that Hurricane Sandy is likely to cause some serious damage in the U.S.! How much exactly? FEMA predicts roughly around $2.5 billion to $3 billion in wind damage alone! This estimate does not include potential flood and other damage. For more click below Eloisa Melo

NBA/Olympics: Spain National Team Trashed Hotel Rooms After Loss to Team USA

Spain’s basketball players have been slammed for ‘trashing their apartments’ following their gold-medal loss in the London Olympics to the U.S.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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