(Photo) NBA: Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Trolls The Warriors On Twitter

After game 2 of the finals, the NBA acknowledged that there were some calls against Lebron James that the refs missed, but were pretty obvious to everyone else in the building. It looks like The Cav’s owner, Dan Gilbert, never known for holding back words, saw fitting to let the warriors know what he thought on twitter.

NBA: Here’s How Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert & LeBron James Made Amends

We all remember “the letter” and apparently  it was that letter by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert that held up LeBron’s decision because it was still bothering him.  As we all know, LeBron is headed back to Cleveland — so how did they make amends?! Hit the jump for the report…

NBA: Report, Letter From Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Still Bothering Lebron

Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter about Lebron James back in 2010 after he left Cleveland for Miami might still come back to bite him in 2014. According to reports even though time has passed and people feel different about the situation, it appears Lebron has never forgotten about Gilbert’s reaction and that quite possibly could be what is holding up his decision this time around. Hit the jump for more.

NBA: Cavs Finally Remove Dan Gilbert’s Infamous LeBron Letter From Team Website; Cavs Release Statement

As rumors of a potential return to Cleveland for LeBron James heated up this morning, everyone took notice that the Cavs removed the infamous letter that Dan Gilbert wrote in the aftermath of LeBron choosing the Heat in 2010.  So what does this mean?!  Did it just disappear?!  Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Check Out Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert’s Email To David Stern To Stop Chris Paul Trade to Lakers

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert called the New Orleans Hornets’ proposed trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers a “travesty,” and urged NBA commissioner David Stern to put the deal to a vote of the league’s 29 owners in an email obtained by Yahoo! Sports. Check the letter after the jump…

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