(Video) NFL: Pierre Garcon & Ricky Jean Francois Deliver Supplies to Haiti on Redskins Owner’s Jet

Pierre Garcon and Ricky Jean Francois are both of Haitian descent.  Hurricane Matthew, unfortunately, hit their country the hardest as many still haven’t fully recovered from the Earthquake.  At least 900 Haitians have reportedly died in the hurricane, and 350,000 are believed to be in need of assistance. On Saturday, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and his wife, Tanya, flew a plane full of supplies to the Bahamas to help in the relief efforts.  On Monday, Snyder gave his private jet to Garcon and Francois to deliver medical supplies to the country that’s desperately in need of help.

NFL: Report, The Washington Redskins Could Be Changing Their Name VERY Soon!

There has been quite a bit of pressure put on Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the name because it offends some people. If it offends people, I agree it should be changed. What’s funny to me is the team has been called the Redskins forever and ever, so why the sudden pressure to change the name? Once a bandwagon gets rolling, that is when people wanna jump on and appear as if they are down for a cause. Snyder has seemed pretty defiant about changing the name, but some digging might of uncovered that he is closer to changing the name than we think. Hit the jump.

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