(Audio) Sports: Dana White To Floyd Mayweather “If You Want To Fight Conor, Call Me”

In the course of basically less than two weeks, we went from a rumored fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor never being able to happen and getting shot down by all the “experts”, to it slowly beginning to look like this could be the real deal. Of course it will take time to happen but you can definitely feel a different vibe now in regards to the fight, that includes Dana White!

UFC: Owners Reportedly in Advanced Talks to Sell Business For Billions

UFC is the biggest mixed martial arts business in the world and is continuing.  With the emergence of crossover stars Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor, they’re coming off a monster year.  Sources with knowledge of the numbers presented to potential investors said that Goldman Sachs had represented UFC’s last full year earnings in the $200 million to $250 million range, before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.  The growth has drawn the attention of several potential buyers.

Sports: Dana White Comments On Possible Fight Between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor

Reports from earlier today sent the sports world into a frenzy as possible details on a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor were revealed. First question everyone had is how could it even happen given Floyd is a boxer and McGregor is under contract with UFC? The more details you read however, it became less about how it would happen and more about WHEN it would happen as it seems like close to a done deal. Not so fast says UFC owner, Dana White, who pretty much laughed off the report.

UFC President Dana White Says Conor McGregor is NOT Back on UFC 200 Card

The drama and confusion continues.  Earlier today Conor McGregor said he worked things out with UFC president Dana White and he is back on the card to headline UFC 200.  Well wires must be crossed because White says that’s not true.

(Photo) UFC: Conor McGregor Says He’s Back on the UFC 200 Card

UFC president Dana White and former champion Conor McGregor have had fans confused for the past week.  McGregor tweeted that he was retiring early, then White said McGregor was cut from UFC 200 because he did not show up for mandatory promotional activities, then McGregor said he wanted to compete in UFC 200 but he also wanted to focus on training, not the numerous activities that would distract him.  Well the two must’ve worked everything out because early this morning, McGregor tweeted that he is back on the UFC 200 card.

UFC President Dana White Says Conor McGregor is Cut From UFC 200

Conor McGregor shocked the MMA world on Tuesday when he posted on Twitter that he was retiring early.  As I wrote yesterday, we began to wonder what was going on and if he would compete in the rematch against Nate Diaz in UFC 200 as planned.  Well UFC president Dana White answered that inquiry, announcing that Conor McGregor is cut from UFC 200 but his reason is not what we thought.

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