Keyshia Cole Officially Joins ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’

Last month, we reported that Keyshia Cole and ex-hubby Daniel Gibson had been toying with the idea of joining Love & Hip-Hop‘s LA cast, but ultimately had decided against it. However, much like her debut single – the songstress has changed her mind.

Keyshia Cole Is Engaged – But To Who?!

Yesterday evening, a fan tweeted singer Keyshia Cole, asking her whether she was married yet. Though Keyshia replied that she was not, she did add an interesting tidbit – she’s engaged! But who could it be? Last we heard, she was fighting women at Birdman’s condo, and blasting her ex-husband/son’s father Daniel Gibson on social media. When another fan asked if her fiancé was Birdman, Keyshia was quick to reply “No,” so we know it’s not him. Is it Daniel? Is it a mystery man? We need the 411, Keysh! Let us know!

(Photos) Keyshia Cole Takes To Instagram To Publicly End Feud With Her Hubby

Keyshia Cole and her on-again, off-again husband Daniel Gibson are constantly feuding in public and/or social media. Keyshia recently went ham on her man, accusing him of cheating on her with a video love interest. However, the two seem to be back and better than ever after Cole took to her Instagram page to write a long heart-felt message about her baby daddy. Cole captions a photo of the two of them:

At the end of the day @Daniel_GibsonJr is what matters! Was I wrong for bringing Shyt to social media? #YES! And we both Apologize for that. So we went out last night to discuss priorities and what #AsolutlyComesFirst #NoArguing #NoFighting #Daniel #Keyshia #DanielJr #NoBitchAssNess #OnMyWayToATL #ForFrankieAndNeffe/EliteShow @Daniel_GibsonJr hasn’t seen his cousins in a while! So I’m bringing him with! #AlsoSoExcitedAboutMomASis #SistersShow #ItsGonnaBeSome #HealingGoingDown!

Soooooo I guess it is safe to say that the two loves birds are gucci now? Let us hope! Keyshia and Daniel have more ups and downs than a damn roller coaster at Six Flags. Peep the sweet post over in the gallery.

Sports: Keyshia Cole Says She’ll Never Date Another Athlete

Keyshia Cole’s long turbulent relationship with basketball player Daniel “Boobie”Gibson is finally over and the experience has left her traumatized.

NBA: Say What?? Imposter Pretending To Be Boobie Gibson Files For Divorce From Keyshia Cole!

People need to really get a life of their own. Who even has the time to do something like this. According to reports, someone claiming to be Daniel Gibson filed divorced papers to end the marriage he has with wife Keyshia Cole. The couple has been having problems for a while now and it seems Keyshia has been ready to end things but just hasn’t actually done it yet. When these fake papers were filed she was reportedly shocked, but Gibson says it wasn’t him and he would never file for divorce. Hit the jump.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Already Moved on From Keyshia Cole?! Is This Daniel Gibson’s New Boo?!

Keyshia Cole & Daniel “Boobie” Gibson have had issues for a long time and recently we learned that Keyshia is set to officially file for divorce.  Well now some photos have been found and it looks like he’s already moved on. Hit the jump for details & pics…

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