NFL: UCLA Coach Who Diddy Allegedly Assaulted Once Got Into A Fist Fight With Darrelle Revis

The more details we keep hearing about the personality of UCLA assistant coach, Sal Alosi, the more is starts to sound like Diddy might not be in as much trouble as first thought. Turns out Alosi has a history of erratic and unprofessional behavior that could cost him in the courtroom against Diddy if it ever comes to that.

(Photos) NFL: Hacked? Darrelle Revis Goes Nuts, Tells Fan His D*ck Is Bigger, Says He Did Tom Brady A Favor!

This was certainly entertaining! Darrelle Revis either really was not in the mood for New England Patriots trolls mad he went back to the Jets, or he was hacked as he is now claiming. Revis (if it was him) went OFF on Pats fans, resorting to troll tactics himself. He told one fan “I’m paid and my d*ck is bigger” before also saying he was the reason the Pats won the Super Bowl and he did Tom Brady and Belichick a favor by going there to begin with. It wasn’t long after that Revis tweeted his Instagram was hacked but I don’t think anyone care because of how great this was. Check the gallery!

NFL: Petty or Payback? Jets File Tampering Charges Against Patriots For Darrelle Revis Comments

AFC East rivals, the New York Jets and New England Patriots are at it again.  In December, Jets owner Woody Johnson publicly expressed interest in bringing back cornerback Darrelle Revis, who at the time was under contract with the Patriots.  The Patriots later filed tampering charges against the Jets.  On Monday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke about the departure of Revis for the Jets.  The next day, the Jets filed tampering charges against the Patriots.

(Update) NFL: Report, He’s Back!! Darrelle Revis Returns To The Jets, More Than $40 Million Guaranteed

New York Jets fans once again have a reason to live knowing the best defensive back in the entire NFL is back on their side. Darrelle Revis announced he agreed to terms to return to the New York Jets. Revis was asking for more than $40 million guaranteed and once details are announced the number from the Jets is expected to be that or higher. The terms of the contract expect to be for three years. Fresh off a Super Bowl win, Revis gives hope to the Jets again as they have an automatic advantage against the best wide receivers and quarterbacks in the league. The Patriots decided they didn’t want to pay him $20 million for one year, so they released him with hopes of bringing him back, but they knew the Jets were going to battle them and they won. The balance of power in the AFC East may finally be shifting towards other teams. This deal was easily the most anticipated of the entire free agency period.

NFL: Rex Ryan Says Seeing Darrelle Revis in a Patriots Uniform Makes Him ‘Sick To His Stomach’

The New York Jets were touted as having one of the best defenses in the league but it sure doesn’t look like it as they head to Foxboro to take on the Patriots with a 1-5 record.  Granted they’ve dealt with numerous injuries including CB Dee Miliner suffering a season-ending torn achilles.  The days of having “Revis Island” are gone as he’s now playing for their rival, a fact that makes Jets’ coach Rex Ryan feel ill.

(Photos) NFL: Interesting! NFL Players Speak On Most Overpaid Player, What Player They Would Fight & More

A secret poll conducted of a small group of NFL players from random teams gave us some insight as to how the players themselves look at things. They know when someone is being overpaid and they also know when someone deserves every penny of their huge contract. Many players think the Broncos will get over the hump and win the Super Bowl this season, and many of those same players speak on which player they would never want to get into a fight with. The questions are pretty good and give some interesting answers about questions even fans would have. One thing is clear, everyone respects Peyton Manning and not so many people respect Jay Cutler. Hit the jump for more.

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