NFL: Darren Sharper Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison For Drugging & Raping as Many as 16 Women

Former NFL star Darren Sharper has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in a case where he was accused of drugging and raping as many as 16 women in four states.

NFL: Three More Woman File Lawsuits Against Darren Sharper After Accusing Him Of Rape

Three woman, including a professional surfer, have filed lawsuits against former pro bowl safety, Darren Sharper. The woman appear to have been included in the criminal case against Sharper and all claim they were drugged and then assaulted by him.

NFL: Brett Favre, Terrell Owens & Convicted Rapist Darren Sharper Among Hall of Fame Nominees

The 108 modern-day nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2016 announced Wednesday night and among them are Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and the most controversial, Darren Sharper.

NFL: Report, Darren Sharper Will Have His Penis Monitored Whenever He Gets Out Of Prison

Darren Sharper got himself an incredible plea deal for such a low life rapist, pleading guilty to all the charges he was facing in multiple states in return for a 9 year sentence. He was facing more than 20 years on the different charges, which most people expected him to receive, but nope the justice system failed again. One good piece of news is whenever Sharper becomes a free man again, his penis will not be free.

NFL: Darren Sharper Still Eligible For Pro Football Hall of Fame Despite Rape Convictions

Former NFL player Darren Sharper was convicted on a several different counts of sexual assault in four different states and was sentenced to nine years in federal prison.  Despite all that, Sharper is still eligible to be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  His numbers would certainly put him in there but would he actually get votes?!

(UPDATE) NFL: Darren Sharper Will Reportedly Serve 9 Years in Federal Prison For ALL Rapes

Former NFL All-Pro Darren Sharper must have the BEST legal team in America because he’ll only serve nine years for the multiple rapes he committed in four different states.

NFL: Unbelievable! Darren Sharper Now Charged With Rape In Las Vegas, Makes Four States He Is Charged In

Former pro bowl safety Darren Sharper is already facing rape charges in three different states and now you can add a fourth in a truly unbelievable case that is utterly disgusting if all this is true. He is already facing rape charges in California, Louisiana and Arizona and with now a fourth case coming from Nevada it would be hard to believe Sharper would ever again be a free man if convicted on all charges.

NFL: SMH, Darren Sharper’s Co-Defendant In Rape Case Says Reggie Bush Was Drugging Women Also!

This is some slimy ish right here! If Reggie Bush was indeed drugging women with the intent on raping them then yes he should face justice, but this sounds like a last ditch effort to throw other people under the bus in an attempt to deflect attention. Darren Sharper, who was teammates with Bush in New Orleans and co-defendant Brandon Licciardi are both facing charges related to rape after allegedly drugging multiple woman in multiple locations. It was reported Licciardi previously tried to snitch on others but now we have names.

NFL: Retired N.O. Saint Darren Sharper Rape Cases Put On Hold For Drug Charges In New Orleans

The former NFL safety, Darren Sharper, has been extradited to New Orleans, where he faces drug charges. Due to the drug charges being federal, the rape case is postponed until further notice. Sharper faces “three narcotics counts” due to drugging women then sexually assaulting them. Also, new allegations have surfaced, revealing MORE football players were in on the mix of drugging & raping women, as they “prepared a concoction called ‘horny juice’”! Read further details below….

(Photos) NFL: Retired N.O. Saint Darren Sharper Indicted On Federal Drug Charges

Darren Sharper has NOW been indicted on federal drug charges today in court, after drugging victims. In addition to raping multiple women in California, Arizona and Louisiana, the retired safety looks to face 20 years if convicted…more details & court document of charges below

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