(Video) WOW: Gang Attacks Man & Young Boy With Shotgun In Broad Daylight!

The world is getting crazier everyday, a gang was in broad daylight with a sawed off shot gun, attacking and injuring a man and young boy in broad daylight.

(18+ Video) Couple Has Sex In Hospital Room With No Shame

They’re saying homie is on a roll, 1st showing off he had sex in a public bathroom, now in a hospital room. No word on if it’s his girl, a nurse or a patient but the young man was quite pleased with himself….

(Video) Caught On Tape: Kidnapping In Front Of Police In Mexico

This is that cartel sh*t right here! For such a big ruckus by physically taking someone in broad day light, in front of a cop, and no one stops them…could only be because they know they would get jammed up too(including the cop). You better be prepared to to live that life if you gonna live that life!!

(Warning*18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Couple ‘Gets It In’ On A Swing Set

Ummm, Aside from being on a swing set which kids use for sure, which is ultra nasty, this is creative.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Kidnapped In Broad Daylight By Another Woman?!

As I was looking for more video on the Miss Bum Bum competition, I ran across this video that happened this week in Brazil. A woman walking down the street some where in Brazil was just snatched of the street by another woman.

Fashion: 10.Deep Fall 2013 “Daylight” Collection Lookbook

While alot of people in streetwear, or actually let me clarify, wanting to get into streetwear, may be focused on only this black & white trend that’s poppin’ right now, 10.Deep is pushing the boundaries of color. The just dropped part 1 of their Fall 2013 collection titled “Daylight”. The name is pretty fitting as almost all the pieces feature light and bright Fall colors and patterns. Dashiki=inspirited hoodies, Falls essential call-around camo, and floral print are just some of what this collection contains. I commend 10.Deep for sticking to their true aesthetics at a time wear fashion seams to be loosing itself. I really loved everything about this drop and cannot wait until part 2! Head over to their website to shop now and hit the jump to view the whole lookbook…

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