The Good And Bad News Behind Where The DEA Stands On Marijuana

Okay, so there is some good news and bad on the weed tip. Lets get the bad news out the way. The Obama administration has just denied a request from two governors to reclassify marijuana. Marijuana will now stay a Level 1 drug meaning it will be classified with one of the most dangerous drugs such as heroine.

DEA Allows Research On Smoking Medicinal Marijuana!!

While the official/unofficial weed holiday 4/20 may have passed, it looks like marijuana enthusiasts might want to toke up again for this one.

The Government Funds 18 Million To Destroy Marijuana Plants

What if I told you the government was spending millions of dollars to burn any trace of weed grown in this country? Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening for years now…shocker. The government funds the DEA with 18 million dollars a year to continue pushing an endless attack issued through the war on drugs.

(Video) DEA Agent Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In White Areas

Former US Marshall and DEA Agent, Matthew Fogg, has come out in a recent video where he discloses how he was ordered not to go into white neighborhoods to enforce drug laws. The same drug laws that have hindered the lives of many, specifically in low income areas which are predominantly composed of African-Americans and Latinos.

The DEA Will Consider Reclassifying Marijuana

Drug Enforcement Administration says they will finally look into reclassifying Marijuana. As mentioned in previous articles, Marijunana is classified in the same field as hard drugs such as Heroin which is ridiculous.

MLB: A-Rod Reveals Interesting Technique On Beating MLB Drug Test!

After admitting to the DEA that he did indeed take performance-enhancing drugs, Rodriguez has announced to the world his technique on PASSING MLB drug tests! The technique, referred to him by his doctor, actually got him negative results once. Hit the jump for more details…

MLB: Alex Rodriguez Confessed to DEA That He Used Steriods & Continued Denying It to the Public

For nearly two years Alex Rodriguez publicly and defiantly denied ever using banned substances from a Coral Gables anti-aging clinic.  He accused the MLB of of being on a “witch hunt” and continued fighting to clear his name.  Well it turns out that was all a facade because he admitted guilt to the DEA way back in January after they granted him immunity!

DEA Concerned Over Reports Of Flesh Eating Drug!!!

The DEA has become very concerned, as increased reports have surfaced of many people using and affected by the flesh eating drug, Krakodil. They have released a disturbed statement, hit the jump for more detail!

Mexican Drug Cartels Flood U.S. Cities With Meth

Mexican drug cartels are flooding U.S. cities with exceptionally cheap, extraordinarily potent meth from factory-like “superlabs.” Click “more” below for the full story! DJ Matthew Tyler

Tech Talk Crime: DEA Track 150 Pounds Of Weed On Illegally Placed GPS!!!

DEA agents are really dedicated to their job. Check out the story on the illegal GPS after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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