Body Washed Up On Brooklyn Beach Affiliated With Bobby Shmurda’s G Stone Crips Crew

Hear about the body that washed up on Brooklyn beach Monday morning with concrete on the feet? Reportedly, the man was an affiliate of Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 crew and was a high ranking member.

Dead Body Found In Toilet At NFL Game

In case you’re one of the few people who is okay with going to the porta potties, consider this. Someone found a dead body in the toilet at Sunday’s NFL Chiefs- Bengals game. No one has identified him. Do you know who this was? Later on, someone found him dead in the toilet.

A Stranger’s Body Found Dead In Demi Moore’s Pool

Last night a man drown at the home of actress Demi Moore. According to reports the man was found early Sunday morning. Police are investigating.

What In The World?! Man Brings Dead Body Into Law Office Instead Of Calling The Police!!

When you think you heard it all, something else happens in life. 52 year old John Marshall a Florida resident done the unthinkable! He brought the dead body of his neighbor into his lawyer’s office… Read more after the jump!!

Gunshots Rang Out In Ferguson & Black Male Was Found Dead Near Area Where Mike Brown Was Killed

Update: One day after the decision to no indict Darren Wilson for the murder of teen, Mike Brown was announced, another black male’s body was found shot to death and burned. Hit the jump for the details.

(Graphic Photo) Man Steals Dead Girlfriend From The Morgue For A #Selfie

Reports that a man broke into the morgue to steal his dead girlfriend’s body, specifically so he could drive around and post selfies to his different social media accounts…well at least THAT’s what he did, hit the photo in the gallery. Apparently Cali has different HOV lane rules 0_o

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