Wow! Australian Mother Arrested For Stabbing & Killing Her 7 Kids & Niece!

_Australian Mother Arrested For Stabbing & Killing Her 7 Kids & Niece

An Australian mother was arrested for stabbing and killing her 7 kids and her niece who ranged from ages 18 months to 14 years. Read more on this crazy story after the jump!

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(Graphic Video) Update: LAPD Shows A Pic Of A Weapon; L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police


L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police, America is turning into the criminal police blotter, keeping track of every move of the people that are supposed to keep us safe, we just don’t trust em. Amidst peaceful protest in many major cities across the country, Police are still finding time to kill it’s citizens. Last night in LA, a man was shot int the head several times by police.

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Ryan Knight “Real World” Star Is Found Dead At Age 29!

_Ryan Knight Real World Star Is Found Dead

Ryan Knight “Real World” star is found dead at 29 years old. Read more on the story below!

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(Video) Wow! Mother Is Shot Dead By Her 3-Year-Old Son!

_Wow! Mother Is Shot Dead By Her 3-Year-Old Son!

A young mother is now dead after she was shot in the head by her 3-year old son in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read more on the sad story after the jump!

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(Video) Former Mayor Known For Crack Scandal Died Today


Uh Oh! Former Mayor known for crack scandal died today. Marion Barry, of Washington D.C. was announced dead at 78 years old on Sunday morning. Barry was known for the crack scandal that he surpassed in the midst of his term in the year 1990.

The incident that occurred during his tenure could’ve broken his career, however, getting caught in a hotel room smoking crack with an estranged woman wasn’t the “end all, be all” for the Mayor. His infamous phrase when the FBI barged in was, “She set me up,” and from then on Marion Barry was made a laughing stock. At the time, every comedy skit referenced the quote. Barry completed his time in prison for the irresponsible act, and was able to serve another term as Mayor!

In all, Barry served 4 terms. He will always be known as the politician who fell hard, yet got back up.

Unfortunately the cause of death has not yet been revealed. R.I.P Marion Barry. Stay tuned for more information. Below is the video from 1990, when Barry was arrested for drug possession.

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NBA: Former NBA Guard Mookie Blaylock Sentenced For Fatal Car Crash!


The former NBA player of the Hawks and Nets has been sentenced today in trial. He was charged with the death of Monica Murphy, a mother of five, in a head-on collision in Clayton County in 2013. With today’s plea deal, Blaylock was able to reduce his sentence to 7 years versus the original 15 years…Hit the jump for more on this story!

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(Video & Photos) Sports: Indian Premiere League Soccer Player Dies After Goal Celebration!


The Mizoram Premier League in India is mourning the loss of 23-year old midfielder, Peter Biaksangzuala, who has passed away after complications following an injury. Peter died due to an injury to his spinal cord, sustained while doing a somersault after scoring a goal. He was rushed to the hospital following the Tuesday injury, where he passed away yesterday. Deepest condolences to his family, team and friends! Hit the jump for the tragic video…

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RIP: Actress Elizabeth Pena Dead At Age 55


Actress Elizabeth Pena has been found dead at the age of 55 from natural causes after suffering from a brief illness. She’s known for her roles in movies such as La Bamba, Lone Star, The Incredibles and Rush Hour. Pena also stars in the popular sitcom Modern Family. May she rest in peace!

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(Graphic Photo) Man Steals Dead Girlfriend From The Morgue For A #Selfie


Reports that a man broke into the morgue to steal his dead girlfriend’s body, specifically so he could drive around and post selfies to his different social media accounts…well at least THAT’s what he did, hit the photo in the gallery.
Apparently Cali has different HOV lane rules 0_o

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Woman Working Four Jobs To Make Ends Meet, Dies While Napping In Car


A New Jersey woman died earlier this week from catching up on a few hours of sleep in between jobs. Maria Fernandes was found dead Monday morning wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts uniform. Apparently, she was working at four different locations and carried gas in her car for her only time to sleep, napping in-between jobs. Police reported that Fernandes died of toxic fumes from a split can of gas in her backseat. This sad death sheds light on the reality of low-wage and part-time work increasing in the economy.

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