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R.I.P James Garner Dead At 86

James Garner Dies At 86

Actor and star in great movie classics such as Space Cowboys and The Great Escape, James Garner has died. Garner died Saturday evening at his Los Angeles home. Actor was pronounced dead upon arrival at the scene.
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‘Glee’ Star’s Boyfriend Found Dead In Philadelphia Hotel Room


‘Glee’ star Becca Tobin’s boyfriend was found dead in his Philadelphia hotel room on Thursday. According to police, no sign of drugs or any harmful weapons were found anywhere in the hotel room. Matt Bendik apparently died in his sleep from unknown reasons. Bendick ran several popular night clubs for a living and was pretty well known in the Los Angeles area and also owned one. The craziest part of this whole situation: Sunday will be ONE year since ‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith was found dead from a drug over-dose in his hotel room. Rest in peace!

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4 Dead And 12 Injured After A 4th Of July Boat Crash!


A nice boat ride with fireworks, friends and family took a tragic turn for the worst when three boats crashed into each other near the Dinner Key marina in Miami, causing 4 deaths and injuring a dozen more. Meanwhile the rest of the east coast thought Hurricane Arthur was something to be sad about. Read the whole story after the jump.

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‘Survivor’ Cast Member Dies In Tragic Train Accident


“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” contestant Caleb Bankston died on Tuesday in a railroad accident. The 26-year-old was working on the Alabama Warrior Railway when it derailed and left him for dead. The case is currently under investigation. He appeared on the show with his fiancee last year and was well-liked. So sad! Rest in peace, Caleb!

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Whoa! 12-Year-Old Finds A Dead Body In An Abandoned House!!


Good news for Florida! This didn’t happen there, but Ohio. In Dayton, while discovering and exploring an abandoned home, a 12-year-old boy found a dead bosy hanging in a closet from a belt. According to reports, he first thought that it was a mannequin. Check out what happened after he found it after the jump.

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Rockefeller Great-Grandson Dies in Plane Crash!

Untitled 4

According to ABC News Rockefeller’s grandson Richard Rockefeller has been confirmed dead in a NY plane crash. The 65-year-old was a doctor and father of two, and well known philanthropist was heading to Portland, Maine, when the plane took a sudden plunge. Officials say his plane crashed into a New York City bedroom community of about 10,000 residents that houses a State University of New York campus right outside New York City at 8 a.m., Friday.

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Rest In Paradise: Maya Angelou Passes Away At 86

Maya Angelou

World-renowned poet, author and civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou passed away this morning (May 28th) at the age of 86. She was found by her caretaker. Although no further details have been released yet, she had been reportedly dealing with various health issues. Just a few days ago, she tweeted, “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.” Everything Maya Angelou has done will never be forgotten. May she rest in peace! Check out one of my favorite poems by Dr. Angelou called “Phenomenal Woman” below!

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(Photos) Sports: Foul Play? Huge Explosion At Home Of Tennis Star, 3 Bodies Discovered So Far


A scary report this morning at the home of tennis Star James Blake. A mansion in Florida owned by him exploded into a huge fireball today according to witnesses. Neighbors say Blake hasn’t lived there in over a year and has been renting it out to the current tenants. The fire is still going and is so dangerous that they can’t collect evidence or the bodies of the three victims they know about until tomorrow. One of the early reports however says that upon a quick investigation of the house, one of the victims had fireworks literally strapped to their head. So was this an accident or is there more going on here? Hit the jump.

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(Photos) So Sad: A Woman At Coachella Dies After An Apparent WHAT?!?


Either drugs, alcohol, or the combination of both are suspected of playing part in the death of a young woman attending the Coachella festival. 24-year-old Kimchi Truong died after she was hospitalized for passing out at the popular festival.

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[PHOTOS] Sad News In Hollywood: Child Actor Mickey Rooney Of “The Hardy Boys” Dies At Age 93!

Mickey Rooney Dead At 93 3

Sad news in Hollywood. On yesterday child star Mickey Rooney died at age 93, which reports are attributing to natural causes….

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