(Photos) So Sad: A Woman At Coachella Dies After An Apparent WHAT?!?


Either drugs, alcohol, or the combination of both are suspected of playing part in the death of a young woman attending the Coachella festival. 24-year-old Kimchi Truong died after she was hospitalized for passing out at the popular festival.

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[PHOTOS] Sad News In Hollywood: Child Actor Mickey Rooney Of “The Hardy Boys” Dies At Age 93!

Mickey Rooney Dead At 93 3

Sad news in Hollywood. On yesterday child star Mickey Rooney died at age 93, which reports are attributing to natural causes….

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(Photos) Man Drives A Car Into A Creek, And Kills All The Passengers!

Haste Makes Waste! A guy and a group of friends who just left a birthday party were driving down a street in Queens, New York when the driver accidentally drove right into a creek of water! The driver managed to escape but all four of his passengers are dead. Sad story. Slow down ya’ll! Check out the details.

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(Video) Dead Body Found Of Atlanta Stripper Angela ‘Climax’ Rabotte


The body of missing ATL woman named Angela Rabotte has been discovered in the woods in Norcross, Georgia after she went missing last Friday. The 26-year-old was a popular dancer who went by the name “Climax.” The suspect of interest is currently in custody. Her body was discovered by a survey crew at about 10:30 AM on Thursday morning. She was last seen last Thursday night when she dropped her daughter off so she could go to a party. Her baby father, Darnell Campbell, said “Don’t know what I’m going to tell my daughter. That’s is what just kills me because she wakes up every morning talking about her mommy.” He continued on to say, “She was just a great mother. She had a great spirit. She was a fighter, so I know she fought. She just didn’t have this coming to her.”

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NYC Mother Dead After Getting Fatal Plastic Surgery In Dominican Republic


28-year-old Beverly Brignoni has been pronounced dead after undergoing plastic surgery in Dominican Republic. The mother of a 4-year-old daughter took the trip to DR to a clinic in Santo Domingo that was recommended to her by a few friends to get liposuction and a tummy tuck. Although her cause of death is being penned as a massive pulmonary embolism, her family is demanding an investigation to find the exact cause of her passing and if there was neglect involved. Before her trip to DR, Brignoni posted a pic onto her Facebook page with her friend holding up her plane ticket and passport from NYC to Santo Domingo. May she rest in peace.

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(Photos) Warning *Graphic* ‘Scandal’ Star’s Victim Beat So Bad — ‘He Looked Dead’

IFWT scandal

“Scandal” star Columbus Short’s victom looks crazy after that bloody bar fight — leaving the man in a heap on the floor and KEPT going at it. Short leaped over the father of the bride-to-be at an engagement party — and punched the victim in the face, so hard that he fell to the ground. He kept beating the victim up till he looked dead then he left the bar. He left on a stretcher with a neck brace then was transported to a nearby hospital. Short allegedly “attacked the man on March 15 for making a rude comment about the actor’s wife, breaking the man’s nose. Police are now conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.” Wild!

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*UPDATED* NBA: Former Nets Player Quinton Ross Found Stuffed Into Trash Bag & Buried

Los Angeles Lakers v New Jersey Nets

*UPDATE*  The NY Post is changing their story — Initial reports that body found in the Rockaways is former Nets basketball player Quinton Ross are incorrect.
We apologize for trusting in the NY Post for the correct information.

Hit the jump for the report…

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Man That Was Pronounced Dead And Then Found Alive Has Died


Walter “Snowball” Williams, the man that was found alive in a body bag after mistakenly being pronounced dead has died. He died Thursday and his families says they’re just thankful to have had more time with him. Read the full story after the jump.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: The Moment The Buildings In Harlem Exploded


This was one of the craziest moments in NYC, 2 buildings in Harlem exploded out of no where, we now know it was natural gas, but it left several people dead, and even more injured. We all really wondered what that possibly looked like, well they’ve found security tape from across the street showing exactly what happened that moment.

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‘Mummified’ Woman Found Dead In Jeep Years Later!


A Michigan woman that has been missing for 6 years was found dead in the back seat of her car.

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