(Video) NBA: President Obama Weighs In On The Dream Team Debate

Sabrina B. Add President Barack Obama to the list of people who disagree with Kobe Bryant’s boast that this year’s USA Olympic basketball team could beat the Dream Team of 1992.

And I Say CHURCH! Meek Mill Gets Into Heated Exchange With Reverend That’s Trying To Ban “Amen”

Reverend Jomo K. Johnson hailing from Meek Mill’s hometown isn’t feeling his song “Amen”, feeling that it’s blasphemous, unrighteous, the whole nine. He’s done far more than just speak about the record at his congregation, however. No, that’d be the normal thing to do. Instead, he’s gone on a media crusade to speak about it, even recording his OWN DISS SONG toward Meek. And this is your leader, people? I would NEVER attend this man’s church services! EVER! Yesterday afternoon, things came to a head as a Philly radio station had both parties call in to debate the topic at hand. Needless to say, Meek got pretty amped. Listen to the whole convo below. Who are you riding with in this one? Marisa Mendez

(Video) Debate: Pros & Cons Of Resurrecting Dead Artists As Holograms

After Pac “came alive” at Coachella these past 2 weekends, sparking talk of other artists that can be resurrected as holograms as well, the Jumpoff TV team visited the HQ of the company that did Pac’s hologram and got to debating the pros and cons of doing so. Get into their convo below and share your thoughts in the comments! Marisa Mendez

10 Reasons Not To Leave Your Girl Around Drake

Check out this hilarious list of reasons your boo shouldn’t be left alone with Drizzy! Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk Video Debate: Did Social Media Kill The Diss Record?

Today thanks to social media, it’s much easier to insult a fellow rapper with a few diss tweets and Photoshopped images instead of going into the studio and recording a diss track. And with so much money in hip-hop today coming from corporate sponsors, what rapper is going to risk jeopardizing that potential revenue stream by blacklisting themselves as high risk? Just this week a beef between Ludacris, Drake and Big Sean popped off.

Watch the debate with YouHeardThatNew’s Lowkey, Jumpoff TV’s Valeria Lora, MTV Networks’ Jamal Jimoh and writer Mecca below. Marisa Mendez x Tat WZA

(Video) Debate at Scene of Occupy Wall Street Between Charles Payne, Russell Simmons, Sally Kohn and Union Leader

This weekend at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, the scene of the Occupy Wall Street protests, Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne got into an epic debate with a union leader Arthur Cheliotes, music mogul Russell Simmons, and Democrat Sally Kohn during Geraldo at Large. Hit the jump to watch the video. @WiL

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