(Photos + Video) So Lil Wayne Was With Dhea In Baton Rouge…and Deelishis In Detroit!

While Christina Milian is out here claiming Lil Wayne as her man and the love of her life, he is out here letting the world know – he’s for everybody! It’s so glaringly obvious at this point that she turns a blind eye to it and it’s pretty sad! Sh*t, I may be single…but I’d much rather be to myself than have a man “representing” me and making me look like a damn fool! That being said, not only was Wayne spotted with his former (maybe still current?) fiancée Dhea at the Baton Rouge stop of his Release Partiez tour, but Deelishis at a few stops too – including Nashville, which is nowhere near Detroit where she has a daily radio show. There are also reports that Deelishis alluded to a romantic relationship between her and Wayne while on air, but that hasn’t been confirmed. What a mess! Pics and video below.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Deelishis Gives Us A Perfect View Of That PHAT A$$!

Fellas– head over to the gallery to see some flicks of busty vixen Deelishis showing us her pound cake!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Deelishis Shows Us Her Donk In A See-Through Outfit With Her Thong Showing!

Check out some sexy flicks from Deelishis baring her goods for the camera. LAWD!

(Fellas Check The Pics) DAMN! Deelishis Looks Back At It & Lets Her Pound Cake Show!

Lusty vixen Deelishis lets her huge backside show in a pair of skin-tight leggings and it is not something you want to miss out on seeing! Fellas– hit that gallery and check it out for yourself!

(Video) Deelishis Addresses Wiz Khalifa Dating Rumors & Explains Her Relationship With Amber Rose

Lusty vixen Deelishis caught some wrath after her relations with Wiz Khalifa went public shortly after his split from Amber Rose. (We’re going to call them “relations” because I don’t think “relationship” is exactly the proper case in this situation). She recently explained her side of the story on Kandi Koated Nights to set the record straight. The former “Flavor of Love” star went on to reveal that she never had a friendship with Amber Rose, there for she has no reason to be loyal to someone she has no ties to. Although Deelishis has been referred to as a “home wrecker” and such after pics of her and Wiz getting cozy with one another hit the ‘net, he was already broken up with Amb technically so she wasn’t in the wrong. See Deelishis’ full explanation about dating Wiz below. Do you think she was wrong for having relations with the Taylor Gang head honcho so soon after his split? Sounds off below.

(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Deelishis Strips Down To Her Bikini To Show Off Those CURVES!

Thick vixen Deelishis poses for the camera and shows off her crazy curves. Fellas, check the flicks over in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Deelishis’ Backside Is So Phat It Barely Fits In Her Leggings!

Super thick on-air personality and vixen Deelishis shows off her chunky cake for the ‘Gram in these must-see flicks. Fellas, hit up that gallery to check them out for yourself!

(Check The Vid) Deelishis Releases Yet ANOTHER Statement After 18+ Pics Leaked Online

Thick vixen Deelishis was the latest victim of having her nudes leaked online for the world to see. After her lady parts were revealed to the entire internet, she released a first statement regarding getting hacked. However, she just posted a video addressing the issue for a second time. She captioned the video where she poses in black lingerie, “STILL 3 DAYS LATER I AM THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CHATTER & GOSSIP LOL…WELL RUN TELL THIS “DEELISHIS IS FAT, FINE & FABULOUS” WITH OLD NUDE PICS ON MTO & A BRAND NEW ATTITUDE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THE HATERS!!! I HANDLE MY BUSINESS COLLECTING CHECKS, WHILE THE HATERS SIT BACK WAITING TO SEE WHAT I DO NEXT!!! #BBW.” Peep the video below and her nudes over in the gallery. Oo, la la!

(*18+Photos*) Deelishis Releases Statement After Nude Photos Leaked!

Deelishis is the next to have her photos get leaked online. Once she found out, she went on Instagram and issued a statement. The model went to tell her followers that her pictures were meant for one persons eyes only. She stated that people should stop acting like they never sent a picture to their man. Deelishis also insists that the person it was for didn’t leak them and that his iCloud must of been hacked. Hmmmm what do you think? Read the full statement and see photos in the gallery…

(Fellas Check The Pics) 5 Pics Of Deelishis Showing Off That DONK!

Thick vixen Deelishis shows off her gigantic cake for the camera, letting that thang poke out all crazy. Fellas– these are for you! Check out the flicks over in the gallery.

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