Def Jam VP Speaks Out About Negative Comments Towards Trinidad James

Some of us are guilty of NOT being a fan of Trinidad James. The “All Gold Everything” rapper was portrayed as a silly dude with some teeth that is a tad bit off. “N***a, N***a, N***a,” Def Jam’s VP, Sha Money XL is saying knock it off, because “music is music”. Music is music, but not all music is good. “I think it’s really still about the music. Trinidad [James] created a record that everyone can say they liked,” he said. “No matter how much they make fun of him and mash him up with the jokes, they like the damn record.” I don’t know about everybody liking that record. I like the female remix something serious though. Drop down bottom and let me know what you think about this dude.

(Audio) Def Jam’s Conference Call With Fabolous On “Ready” Single, Album & Love and Hip Hop

Here is the full audio of Fabolous premiering his single “Ready” with Def Jam. He dedicated a whole song about “Love & Hip Hop” to shed some light and give his thoughts “real talk”. Listen after the jump… DJ JUANYTO

Juelz Santana Has Plans Of Who To Executive Produce His Next Album ???

I am really going to need the whole DipSet Crew to sit in a circle inside of a locked room and NOT come out until we got us another hit. That includes JR Writer. Juelz just came out with his new mixtape God Will’n and he’s on fire, but he’s already ready for that album to drop. He has a plan to have a Young Money member involved in the execution of this future album. I think this will give Santana the kick start he needs to get back in the game and kill it the way he use to. Really excited for this one. Drop down bottom and check out his interview with XXL Mag. JaaiR (JR)

Kid Cudi Is NOT Feeling The Lack Of Attention From His Label !!!

The Kid is getting really upset about the attention or lack there of from his record label, Universal Republic (the product of the Def Jam and Universal Motown Republic semi-merge). He went on twitter spazzing out last night, threatening the record company by saying, if things don’t change then there will be problems. The lack of promotion and dedication from the company is driving him up a wall. He even throws Trinidad James in the mix. This is where (I’m sure) Cudi believes that the Def Jam aspect of it all is putting their time and attention. After this, we’ll see if the company starts respecting CUDI or not. He has raised his voice! Check out the gallery for Kid Cudi’s tweet. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Soulja Boy And Meek Mill Popped A Molly And Sweating

Soulja Boy and Meek Millz were at a house party lately and they were rocking out to new Def Jam artist Trinidad James’ song All Gold Everything, while hanging out with some sexy ladies. I guess when you’re young rich and famous you can live like this everyday. Watch the video to see what I mean. PaulDaPro

Update – More On Q-Tip & Def Jam Situation

Q-Tip is on it and he wont let his words be twisted, earlier I posted that he was feeling some kind of way about the Trinidad James signing but he says that’s not what he’s talking about. I guess we have to read deeper to try to figure just exactly what Tip is talking. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro X TatWza

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