(Video) NBA: C’mon Chris!! CP3 Gets Flop of The Year?! Hilarious!!

C’mon fam!!! I had to laugh when I saw this! If you’re gonna flop, you gotta be better than this! Ridiculous! Check out Chris Paul’s flop yesterday against the Kings…it will give you a good laugh. The reactions from CP3 AND DeMarcus Cousins is hilarious. Enjoy.

(VIDEO) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Ejected…At Halftime! Check Out What He Did…

First things first, how do you get ejected at halftime?! SMH. Lol.  Well DeMarcus Cousins made it happen last night as the Kings took on the Jazz.  Watch what happened after the jump…

NBA: Maloofs Reluctant to Trade DeMarcus Cousins But Check Out Which Teams are Interested

Demarcus Cousins turbulent season is no secret so of course you would think his team is ready to ship him off.  The problem however is that despite his attitude the guy has some serious talent and is a viable asset to the team.  For that reason there’s teams inquiring but the Kings aren’t ready to trade him just yet.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

NBA:(Video) Demarcus Cousins Awkward Interview

The Kings recently suspended Demarcus Cousins “indefinitely”, which turned out to only be one game. They brought him back, but then did not let him travel with the team to the next game. Cousins had a bad reputation before he was even drafted but the Kings took a chance on him anyway. Seems it is not working out. I am not sure what they expected with this kid. He has a lot of growing up to do. Check the video below of his awkward interview yesterday where it is obvious he does not want to be there. IamJOE357

NBA: Sacramento Kings Suspend Demarcus Cousins Indefinitely

Demarcus Cousins and his mouth are having a bad start to the NBA season.  He was suspended after an altercation with Spurs analyst Sean Elliot and he often gets into it with other players but this time the disconnect is between him and his coach Keith Smart.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Video) NBA Trash Talk: O.J. Mayo Fires Back at DeMarcus Cousins After Cheap Shot!

While O.J. Mayo and DeMarcus Cousins were fighting for position, DeMarcus Cousins delivered a punch to O.J. Mayo’s groin. DeMarcus Cousins says the shot was an accident….O.J. Mayo doesn’t believe that.  The disagreement between the two has lead to some nice trash talk. Check out what they both had to say about the hit and each other… GameTimeGirl

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