Bree Olsen, Charlie Sheen’s Ex, Wants It To Be Clear That She Does Not Have HIV + Denise Richards Is HIV-Free

Charlie Sheen has been in the news for nothing good-as usual-however, this news is the worse. Claims state that the Anger Management actor is HIV positive, which means that the women in his life, previous and present, could have also contracted the disease. Former porn star, and Sheen’s ex “goddess,” Bree Olsen announced on FRIDAY, days before news of Sheen as the diseased individual was revealed, that she had been tested and was clean on everything. Find out more after the jump.

PettyNextDoor: Charlie Sheen RIPS His Ex Wife On Twitter In Bitter Rant

Actor Charlie Sheen has been known for his absurd Twitter rants and out-of-control temper. However, things just seem to be getting worse for Sheen, who also has dealt with many substance abuse issues. On Father’s Day, the Two & A Half Men star took to his Twitter account to go on a hateful rant about his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters, Denise Richards.

Karrueche Tran Lands A Role In New Television Show

Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran, expressed her plans to pursue her acting career head on. Although some didn’t believe that she was serious, she has now announced her role in a new TV show.

(Photo) Charlie Sheen Really Didn’t Marry Porn Star Girlfriend, But He Did Get Tatted!

So, when I heard the news of Charlie Sheen’s recent nuptials, I was immediately stunned. I’m mean, this is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about. Self proclaimed playboy, and yes, he built a family with Denise Richards, but come on – IT’S CHARLIE SHEEN. As suspected, the weekend marriage was not…Charlie Sheen admitted to TMZ that he had not jumped the broom, but in fact, sent that rumor out to hurt the ex. “I wanted to give Denise [Richards] a stroke!!!,” Charlie says. TSK TSK! Although completely smitten with his new porn star lover, Brett, Charlie didn’t get married, but her did symbolize his love with a permanent gesture – TATTOO. The pin holds together the lock [also symbolizing his love for his children, Max, Lola, Bob, Cassandra, Sam, and Denise’s adopted daughter Eloise]. LOVE! Check out the ink after the jump.

(Photos) Uh Oh: Brooke Mueller Calls Cops! Claims Denise Richards Is Abusing Charlie Sheen’s 4 Kids

The war is on! Brooke Mueller has accused Denise Richards of abusing her twins and the 2 other daughters Denise had with Charlie. Law enforcement sources say, “cops came to Denise’s door Tuesday night and told her they were there to question her about a child abuse claim lodged by Brooke. Denise did not let them inside because her daughters were there. Denise walked outside and told cops the claim was “ridiculous” and “vindictive” — that the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services was already handling the dispute … a dispute that started after Brooke was stripped of custody after a raging drug problem flared up yet again.” Brooke’s latest claim will have serious consequences if it isn’t true. Because Denise’s daughters and the twins will be grilled about the allegations — something that is ALWAYS emotionally traumatizing. Richards made it clear — she hasn’t even seen the twins for 2 weeks, so if Brooke really thought this, why would she just talk now?! Also, Brooke has not had contact with Denise’s daughters, so the claim looks like it’s false.

(Photos) DAMN! 42-Year-Old Denise Richards Proves She’s Still Got It!

Denise Richards looked incredible in a white dress as she checked out of her New York hotel on Wednesday afternoon. Check out her out looking amazing after the jump!

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