NBA: Here’s How Craig Sager Reportedly Helped Save Dennis Rodman From Committing Suicide

photo credit The story of Dennis Rodman contemplating suicide back in 1993 and Craig Sager being somewhat involved is not new in itself. It’s a story that has been shared before, namely in his autobiography in 1996 titled “Bad As I Wanna Be” and then again in an interview in 2011. Seeing how Sager unfortunately passed away yesterday and Rodman took to twitter to publicly thank him for preventing him from taking his own life, this is a good a time as ever to go back and share some more specific details of what happened on that night in 93′.

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Says Derek Fisher Needs to Give Up Comeback & Go Be a Family Man

Derek Fisher recently posted some tweets and workout videos hinting at a possible NBA comeback.  Dennis Rodman however says Fisher needs to just give it up.

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Explains How He Broke His D*ck Three Separate Times

Even before I watched this video and listened to Dennis Rodman talk, I could already feel myself preparing for pain as if this happened to me. You usually hear about guys breaking an arm, leg, finger etc but hearing someone say “I broke my d*ck” just doesn’t happen, unless you’re Rodman, who somehow managed to do it three different times which resulted in blood going everywhere.

NBA: Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman Say 96′ Bulls Still the Greatest Team After Warriors Lose

The 2016 Golden State Warriors beat the 96′ Chicago Bulls 72-10 record by finishing the season at 73-9.  Going into Game 7, Stephen Curry and his squad knew if they didn’t win the championship their record breaking season wouldn’t hold as much prominence.  Unfortunately for them, they fell short of the ultimate goal as the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA championship.  Now Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, members of the 96′ Bulls, declared that they’re still the greatest team in NBA history.

(Video + Photo) NBA: Dennis Rodman Pitches Phil Jackson To Become The Coach Of The Knicks

The NY Knicks may potenioanlly have a new coach! After they decided to fire Derek Fisher, Dennis Rodman claims that he can be the next coach of the NY Knicks. He will soon make his pitch to Phil Jackson as to why he is the right man for the job.

NBA: Former Chicago Bulls Star, Dennis Rodman Is Being Sued For Almost $30K!

Assets International is suing former Chicago Bull, Dennis Rodman for commission on a contract that they claim to have fulfilled.

NBA: Dennis Rodman Reveals Despite Winning Titles Together, He Never Spoke With MJ Or Pippen Off The Court!

Dennis Rodman was a vital piece of the Bulls second “Three Peat” where they won titles from the 95-96 season until the 97-98 season when Jordan decided to walk away from the game for a second time. According to Rodman, the Bulls had all that chemistry on the court without being friends off of it. In a recent interview that is scheduled to air this weekend, the Worm claims he never once had a conversation with either Jordan or Pippen off the basketball court.

(Video) Sports: Dennis Rodman Tweets In Full Support Of Hulk Hogan, Says He Isn’t Racist At All!

Dennis Rodman can be a very quirky dude so this doesn’t surprise me at all. I am sure his mentions are in flames though after he showed his love and support for Hulk Hogan, despite the racist controversy surrounding him. Rodman & the Hulkster do have some history, so it’s possible the friendship he once had is making him blind.

(18+ Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Throws Big Birthday Bash With Porn Stars & Strippers

The big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao also produced some big parties in Sin City.  One of the people to capitalize was Dennis Rodman, who’s birthday is coming up.  The NBA legend decided to throw a big birthday bash at Sapphire gentlemen’s club in Vegas, filled with strippers and porn stars.

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Says Jay Z, Beyonce & Others Aren’t Trying to Fix the World Like He Is

Dennis Rodman’s relationship with North Korea and their leader Kim Jon-un has been the subject of ridicule and plain old confusion.  Many people are wondering how the two polar opposites became good friends and others are extremely upset with Rodman considering North Korea’s volatile relationship with the USA and Kim Jon-un reportedly being a violent leader.  Rodman sat down for an emotional interview and explained what it is he’s trying to do and how it’s affected his life.

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