(Video) NBA: LMAO! Matt Barnes Knocks Out Derek Fisher In UFC 2 Simulation Fight!

Everyone knows about the scuffle Matt Barnes had with Derek Fisher over the summer at the home Barnes still owned at the time. We know it was over Fisher seeing Barnes estranged wife, Gloria but we don’t know for sure the details of the fight. From all reports we know Fisher really didn’t want problems but Barnes wasn’t trying to hear it. Barnes may or may not have landed a punch but this simulation of “UFC 2” shows us likely how a fight would go down between these guys if nobody was there to intervene. Fisher would have no chance.

(Photos) NBA: Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan Aren’t Keeping Anything Hidden Anymore

On the same day Matt Barnes tried to fight John Henson from the Bucks, another player he tried to fight wasn’t having a care in the world while taking pictures with Barnes ex, Gloria Govan. Her and Derek Fisher had no issue being in public together and showing lots of PDA while being out and about in Los Angeles yesterday. Since Fisher was fired by the Knicks he has more free time to spend with her while simultaneously keeping his head on a swivel looking for Barnes. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: JR Smith Thinks A Fight Between Matt Barnes & Derek Fisher Would Be A Good One

Derek Fisher finally spoke on the drama surrounding Matt Barnes and himself yesterday and pretty much disputed Barnes’ version of events. He claimed Barnes attacked him and that he never once tried to fight back. Clearly he wants to save as much face as possible considering he would like to be back coaching in the league soon but it doesn’t change the fact most people thought he was wrong for even being there to begin with. Since he brought the story back up, it became a topic again, a topic that JR Smith was asked about since he used to play for Fish and he shared his opinion how things might go down if Barnes & Fisher ever got to really fight.

NBA: Derek Fisher Tells His Side of the Story on the Matt Barnes/Gloria Govan Situation

We all know a situation occurred between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher because Fisher was dating Barnes estranged wife Gloria Govan.  Up until now we’ve only heard Barnes side of the story and whatever media “sources” thought they knew.  Now we have Fisher’s side and according to him, there was “no fight”.

(Video) NBA: Laura Govan Says Matt Barnes Needs to Drop Beef With Derek Fisher Over Her Sister

Matt Barnes former sister in law is telling him to squash the beef with Derek Fisher over her sister Gloria Govan.

NBA: Kevin Durant Claims He Was Shocked When The Knicks Fired Derek Fisher

Kevin Durant is way too busy with his own season with the OKC Thunder to really pay attention to what has been going on in New York. If he had more time on his hands, he would definitely NOT be “shocked” that the Knicks fired Derek Fisher. He was doing a horrible job and as we have found out in the past few days, he was crossing the line between professional and personal as well.

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