NBA Rumors: Derek Fisher Also Dated Same Women as His Ex-Players Tim Hardaway Jr & Cleanthony Early

Derek Fisher is making quite the name for himself and it’s not a good one.  Earlier today I posted a photo showing him going on vacation with Gloria Govan and her family for her birthday.  The same Gloria who was married to Matt Barnes, and the same Matt who beat Fisher’s a**.  Now there are rumors that Fisher also messed around with the same women his players on the Knicks dated.

(Photos) NBA: Matt Barnes Estranged Wife Gloria Govan Posts Pic Going on Vacation With Derek Fisher

Matt Barnes is probably fuming because his estranged wife Gloria Govan and his now enemy Derek Fisher are off together on vacation.  As you know, Barnes got into a fight with Fisher a while back after finding out Derek was at Govan’s house.  Barnes was later suspended for two-games because of the incident; Fisher didn’t receive a punishment but was recently fired as the New York Knicks head coach.  Fisher doesn’t seem too torn up about it as he was seen smiling in a photo with Govan heading on vacation.

NBA: New York Knicks Fire Head Coach Derek Fisher!

Knicks fans rejoice! The New York Knicks have fired head coach Derek Fisher.

NBA: Matt Barnes Fined $35,000 for His Pro-Violence Comments Towards Derek Fisher

Matt Barnes’ mouth got him in trouble again and has added to his already insane amount of fines handed down by the NBA.  The Memphis Grizzlies forward was fined $35,000 this time for his pro-violence comments towards New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher.

NBA: Matt Barnes Isn’t Done Talking About Derek Fisher: “Sometimes Violence Is The Answer”

Matt Barnes has to be going crazy in his mind knowing he wants to hit Derek Fisher n the face tonight but he can’t do it. He is doing the next best thing by venting how he is feeling with his words and if you know Barnes, you know he has never had a filter.

NBA: Matt Barnes On Derek Fisher: “I Don’t Talk To Snakes” Says Their Paths Will Cross Again

Matt Barnes is clearly not going to let go of what happened between him and Derek Fisher anytime soon and why should he? Even as I sit here and write this being a diehard Knicks fan, I know Fisher was 100% in the wrong and broke mancode. I still say he is lucky Barnes didn’t get to beat him down the way he wanted. This Saturday the Knicks travel to Memphis to face Barnes and the Grizzlies and Barnes has no plans to speak but he does hope they cross paths after his playing days are over.

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