NBA: Derek Fisher Calls Out Knicks After They Set One Of The Worst Kind Of Records In Franchise History

The Knicks are playing better than they did last year but that still isn’t saying much. It doesn’t take much to improve on a season where only 15 games were won all year. Although Melo has been solid and Kristaps Porzingis has set the city on fire with his play early on, the fact remains overall they stink. Last night against the Bulls they hit a new all time low and coach Derek Fisher called them out for being quitters after.

(Photo) NBA: Matt Barnes Rang In The New Year By Going Off On Derek Fisher, Rihanna & His Estranged Wife

Matt Barnes is by far one of my favorite athletes. I know he isn’t the greatest player on the court but this dude is so real. In a time where most athletes constantly give “PC” answers to questions and topics, Barnes doesn’t give a f***! To remind you of this, he started his 2016 off by ripping Derek Fisher, his estranged wife and even Rihanna!

NBA: Matt Barnes Suspended Two-Games For Fight With Derek Fisher

I’m sure you remember back in October when Matt Barnes went to his estranged wife Gloria Govan’s house and engaged in a physical altercation with Derek Fisher.  There were reports that Fisher and Govan dating is what set Barnes off and led to the fight.  Barnes later said that texts and Facetime calls showed that his son was uncomfortable with Fisher being at the house and that is why he went over there.  Well the NBA has been investigating the incident and finally came up with a punishment.

(Photos) NBA: Matt Barnes Insinuates Derek Fisher Is A Snitch After Their Altercation

We still haven’t heard from the NBA regarding the altercation Matt Barnes had with Derek Fisher at the home Barnes owns with his estranged wife, Gloria Govan. We know they are looking into the events that took place that night but Barnes is wondering why they even knew about it in the first place. He basically called Fisher a snitch and not acting like a man by not just keeping the situation between those involved.

(Video) NBA: Pacers Fans Attempt To Troll Matt Barnes With Chants Of “Derek Fisher”

When are fans going to learn that Matt Barnes doesn’t give a sh*t what you say? He is gonna enjoy his life no matter what fans say or do and trolling really doesn’t work on him. He may even respond to a comment on twitter or Instagram just to check someone but then he keeps it moving. During the Grizzlies game with the Pacers last night, Pacers fans tried to get in his head with chants of “Derek Fisher”. As you might expect, he really wasn’t fazed.

NBA: Derek Fisher & Carmelo Anthony Comment On Alleged Altercation With Matt Barnes

By now everybody has heard that Matt Barnes reportedly drove about 100 miles to “beat the sh*t” outta Knicks coach Derek Fisher for hanging out with his estranged wife at a home he owns. Depending on who you ask, Barnes either punched Fisher in the face, or nothing other than a few scratches happened because people stepped in to break it up. Neither Fisher nor Barnes have been very forthcoming with details other than Barnes saying he only drove there for his kids but Fisher finally did comment on the situation, along with Carmelo Anthony.

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